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    Does practice makes a man perfect?

    Practical experience to do a specific job for a long period make anyone more efficient than newly educated fresh youth. One can physically compare their differences in real fields. Practice makes a man perfect is an old anthem but in modern society this idea is not following in many fields. In an industrial fields the freshers are gaining more benefits in terms of earnings due to their education in compare to the experienced employees. Due to the practice many are sufferings in their respective employment fields. "The new generation will bring new things or technique to improve the industry" does the idea revive till the existence of experience employee? Please share your knowledge.
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    Whether the practice makes a man perfect or not, some knowledge would be surely gained from each practice. Though the practice may be routine and even known, yet human error and mistakes occur due to which the practice goes in vain and the knowledge gained. There has been constant endeavor on the part of every one to do everything and learn the new work. But due to non awareness of some intricacies we do fail and the work gets stuck up or pending. But how to get out of the pending work is the great lesson we learn and thus we become expertise in tackling such issues again.
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    Only practice makes a man perfect in doing the same thing and that's the reason why people practice many times prior to the final output. You will find every player in every game practises a lot so that they can perform well in the match. If there is any drawback it can be improved through practice only. Now think of the situation in the workplace or industry. You call somebody experienced because the person can either handle the task efficiently under difficult circumstances or can do it more efficiently than others when done in a particular way. With technological advancement, the techniques and machinery used in the industries improved a lot and if youths are given an advantage over the others because of some training or specialization it is done solely to utilize the potential of the youths for further development of the industry. If you have the training to use modern machinery or can do the task more efficiently using a different way than the one which is followed at present then definitely you have an edge. Every industry is looking for improvement and if you have the necessary training to improve the industry you have the advantage. Even then also you need the practice to make yourself more proficient in handling the job/equipment.

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    Similar threads have been discussed in past but the content of this thread seems to be different from other threads.
    I agree that practice makes a man perfect but here perfect does not stand for infallibility. Such a person is expected to perform flawlessly.
    The author has raised the question that new blood is paid more salary than experienced employees. Broadly, there is a difference between young educated employees and experienced employees. Young guys who are given more salary because their service is hired by the company, so their talent and characteristics are exploited because there is no guarantee when they will join another company on a higher salary. Whereas experienced employees are trusted and honest in the eyes of management. Even they have some shortcomings in their performance, their shortcomings will be overlooked. They are the pillars of the company. Their salary is increased every year or as per the policy of the management.

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    It all depends on what and how you practice. Whatever you do repeatedly, you will get adjusted to doing that and you will do the same with ease. But before you start doing you should check what you are doing is correct or not. If you do work in a wrong always you do that works always wrongly only. If you practice eating with your left hand you will eat with your left hand only.
    A qualified man may get initially higher payment and if he puts in some experience automatically he will get higher remuneration than a fresh qualified man. Whether you are qualified or not, your experience will always count and a person with experience and qualification will always be preferred for senior posts than only experienced without qualification or a fresh qualified person.
    So learn the right way, practice the same as many times as possible in the right way, you will be the perfect man.

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    Whether we talk about the Industrial revolution or technology development affects human life in many ways but at the same time, we can not deny our old methods or practices. I believe that practice always makes someone perfect in every manner. Whether if we talk about technology, study, jobs, or anything else. We should apply our efforts in the right direction with the right strategy and that's will decide our practice amount. Anyone should not waste their time unnecessarily but should utilize time with correct practice.

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    'Practice makes a man perfect' holds good in all situations and it has not much link with higher pay of some fresh educated persons as compared to the old employees. Salaries of people depend upon their utility in the organisation and the responsibilities they are sharing. It very well depends on the demand and supply conditions also. When we say that practice makes a man perfect then the contention is simply to highlight the power of doing something repeatedly and through that process gain experience and many times also to improve the methodology of doing the work. Practice is required not only to handle the task in a perfect manner but also in a competitive world we have to do it fast and with minimum costs involved. Only because of our practice of doing certain things we get the confidence to do them in least possible time in a financially viable manner in future also. There is no substitute of experience and it comes only with practice.
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