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    Tripura Sundari Temple of Tripura

    Being one of the 51 Sati Pithas, this place is also treated as a prominent Hindu pilgrimage. As the legends say, Sati who was the incarnation of Adi Shakti being insulted by her father sacrifices herself in the holy flame of the Yagna. After her death, her husband lord Shiva carried her mortal remain and traveled to various parts of the world, Lord Vishnu the preserver God with his dice Sudarsana cut down the body parts of Sati until nothing remained. All those parts wherever it fell a Sati Peth was created and Devi's different forms can be seen in those places. Likewise, Tripura Sundari Temple was the place where Sati's right foot droped. People worshiped her as Devi Sodashi meaning a 16-year-old goddess. The temple is also refered as Kurma Peth in ancient text because of its aerial view looked like the shell of a tortoise. The present day temple was constructed in the year 1501 A.D. by Maharaja Dhanyan Manikya. The pujas are performed every day and thousands of devotees come from all over the world irrespective of religion, caste, race, and gender to give their call to the holy Mother. The local tribal people call the deity Amma Hayakchar. The temple is located in the city of Udaipur which 54 km from the Capital city Agartala. On the new moon night of November, a special Puja is performed in the temple.
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    There are a total of 51 Sakthi peethas. This temple is one among the 51. As per history, the little finger of the left leg of Sati fell here in this place. It was also believed that initially this temple was dedicated to Lord Vishnu. But during the 15th Century, when King Dhanya Manikya was ruling this region. Goddess advised him in a dream to initiate her pooja in that temple. Accordingly, the king started the same. The shrine is situated on a small hillock. This place resembles the shape of the hump of a tortoise. Hence this place is named Kurma Pi?ha.
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    I would appreciate the author for sharing the wonderful information on Tripura Sundari and probably for that reason the state has got the name of Tripura. I would advise the author to make further detailed studies on the matter and even share the photos and make it a wonderful article to this site. I am sure we are having very less artilces on places of importance and this being from the NE side there would be more visits to the site. Meanwhile I would advise the author to explore more such information about the NE states and bring in wide contents made into articles and submit the same in resource section.
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