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    Under whose Primeministership India got benefited more- Mr.PV Narasimha Rao or Mr.Modi?

    Many PMs under their leadership brought great glory and shape to the nation. Mr. PV Narasimha Rao under a critical economic situation of the country became PM. With his charming, bold intelligent moves he brought the country out of difficult situations into an economically strong prosperous country. His economic reforms fetched a lot of accolades from great leaders from all over the world. Mr. PV Narasimha Rao is known to be a modern architect of India. In comparison to Mr. Rao, what are the major benefits India got through Mr. Modi's rule to India? Members even compare the positives or negatives brought by the rule of these two leaders.
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    I am of opinion that Narasimha Rao did his best working in a situation where he was under severe strain in many ways.
    He was heading a minority government. He was having a party(boss) disliking him, if not actually inimical. The economy and general atmosphere inside and outside the country were all not at all favourable. He was really doing acrobatics and aerobatics politically.

    Bu it was for his nature that he did not say or make blunders. The only thing, if at all, someone can point out at him is a doubt as to whether he was silently supporting the Kar seva by act of omission or by his cautious patience of allowing things to cool by themselves..

    Narasimha Rao's time and Modi's time are different and the problems faced by them are also different. But Rao will be remembered for some good initiatives which became good for country in due course.

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    I would like to respond to this thread in a different way as to who was the PM who bestowed with super power to change the very facet of our country by taking major decisions. Narasimha Rao was under the influence of Congress high command and cannot take independent decision for the sake of country. Whereas Modi was gifted with taking far reaching Independent decisions which the country never expected nor never thought. The silencing the Pakistan and China is the biggest achievement. The weeding out of black money and mending the corruption at high level through demonetization was the stupendous success and the vaccination underway is the another feather in the cap. India never got into trouble period like this and Modi and his party has taken firm decisions through which India got International recognition.
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    Comparision should be between equals. Mr. Modi comes nowhere near. Whatever prosperity our country is enjoying, it was due to the previous governments.
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    Narshimha Rao did his best during his tenure of his prime ministership. He was capable of convincing his opponents with his lucid explanations related to different issues. He was a great scholar and was well versed in the different languages and could talk with ease in these languages. Initially the situation was not smooth when he took the charges but later people realised his capability when they witnessed his administration. He even tackled both China and Pakistan effectively During his tenure, he took up the strong step to demonetise the currency to weed out corruption. He never compromised with any country in respect of security of the country.
    However, during this time situation is somewhat different from the earlier ones due to the current pandemic phase causing problems in every sphere. Though Our PM is trying hard to normalise the issues, it will take its own time to normalise the issues.

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    @KVRR it was the author's prerogative who posed the question and I have answered it and Modi was not equal to compete to be judged for performance, probably many are ignoring the same for their own obvious reasons. And no one were talking about the India's foriegn relations so far. We have good relations with many countries and the latest being sea exercise done by US, Australia, France, Japan with India and that has rattled the China which is keeping low and even shuted out from the LAC far. So many may not agree Modi is strong and working, but the fact shows he is far better than any other incumbent.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Narasimha Rao and Modi. Both are good. Both of them ruled the country for the prosperity of the country. The conditions when Narasimha Rao became the PM are different and the conditions that are prevailing in the country when Modi became the PM. Both faced the situations efficiently.
    Even though PVNR is from Congress, the Congress party never supported him. He faced internal rivalry of the same party. He has no full majority. But he managed efficiently. For all his good deeds the then opposition parties cooperated. But corruption was not under control.
    Modi has a full majority in Lok Sabha. Within the party, there is no rivalry. But Pandemic has given him a very tough time. He concentrated more on the development of the country and he did well in his first term. In the second time also he started well but there are some setbacks due to COVD. He is successful in controlling corruption at higher levels and still trying to control it further.
    Both of them are great and we can't say one is good and the other is bad. Both of them are good in their own way. I rate them as equals.

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    My simple comparison of the two Prime Ministers of India.
    PV Narasimha Rao - A silent and wonderful old family politician.
    Narendra Modi - A very bold , energetic, dynamic and beautiful bachelor politician.

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