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    Machine told me truth, humans lied

    Machines do not have a 'heart and mind' as humans. Hence they do not have a conscience.

    But I have come to a conclusion that machines have more conscience than humans -at least from one latest case I experienced-wherein machine told me the truth, but human lied or hid the truth.

    A local person called me on a matter for which my name and phone number were given for reference. He wanted some details on that matter for his relative at another place. I said I would send the needed details to him by Whatsapp which he could forward to his relative. But told he would give relative's number so that I forward it directly. Claiming that he is not tech smart, he gave his relative's number.

    While dialling the given number I saw that there was an earlier communication on the same number. On reviewing I found that I had communicated the details to the person, in the given number two weeks ago, for which I did not get any further response. Now, I called back the local person and told him this history. Being caught at his act, he was a bit surprised and admitted that he knew about it as the relative told only a little earlier. He reasoned that the other person was feeling hesitant to talk to me directly as my earlier communication was not answered or long. I insisted him to ask the other person talk to me directly.

    Thanks to the machine (here, my Smartphone) which divulged a truth to me, I could catch the lie, whereas the human being lied consciously.

    So I am convinced that machines act conscientiously even without conscience, but humans act conscienceless even when bestowed with a conscience. What an irony!
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    Very nice observation from the author and the machines or in this case the smart phones never lies and everything is stored and recorded. In this regard I wish share my own office experience as to a tiff with the customer who claimed to be first customer or new customer to our company and eligible for return or exchange policy be waived to go for new selection. But our computers are smart enough and if we type the name or the phone number of the customer entire history would come out and they can be cornered. Actually it was his third staggered purchase and the warranty period ended. Had he requested or pleaded with different way I could have considered for replacement , he had tiff and even threatened to go for consumer court. But when I shared he bluffed with all the transactions of past, he gone packing and never approached us. Once again thanks to the machine for helping me.
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    Yes, the author has divulged a very interesting fact related to machines. In this sense, the smart phone records the every fact once we have stored them. I have felt one of my wonderful experience in case of my wife when a doctor asked me to have a detailed blood report of my wife to produce before him done a year ago. The hard copies of the same were not available. However, it could be traced back with my gmail account stored in my mobile. Hence now a days, it can be said that machine works more efficiently in preserving the important informations.
    In that way, I could convince the doctor that I was not lying for her earlier reports which I could not produce due to unavailability of hard copies of the test - results.

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    That is always true. A machine has no brain. It will work and behave as designed as trained only. But humans are having their own brains. They add always their brains to the instructions given and try to change the entire programme. Instead of using the given brain for the benefit, he tries to use the same to divert. mislead and deceive others. But a machine can't do. It may work or it may not work if any problem is there. But never show any disobedience to others.
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    Very interesting observation by the author that machines appear to have a conscience. Actually, machines work under some predefined code and they work accordingly. Whatever options we have kept in he code they will follow it exactly same as they do not have any power to alter that. Even in the machines with artificial intelligence the scope is limited and any situation and option which is not mapped in its code would not happen. That is the beauty of the machines that they cannot manipulate anything other than mentioned in their code. So relying on machines is a natural outcome of all this designing and coding things and we are in fact taking a lot of past records and information from these machines and their associated codes. If all this is considered as truthfulness or honesty then humans are far behind than compared to these machines as the humans adhere to lying day in and day out.
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    That's an irony and that's why we depend more on machines I think. Actually, when you apply your mind you can think of tricks but machines cannot think and apply the mind and therefore no option for the machines to tell a lie. Humans are constantly developing new machines and planning to invent smarter ones. Just imagine what may happen if someday the smarter machines start cheating the humans on various pretext! Then a separate investigation department can be constituted to probe such cheating cases because the present human-centric ones are going to fail undoubtedly.

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    @ #734167 "Just imagine what may happen if someday the smarter machines start cheating the humans on various pretext! " I am shuddered to even imagine sucha situation. Where will it lead or end?

    Now when machines'cheat' humans we call it as technical or manual error. It is also expressed as 'margin of error' and in the current pandemic situation we hear it as 'false positive' or 'false negative'.

    But scared to think of a situation when machines start cheating deliberately. The way Artificial Intelligence scenario is developing and progressing, probably the day may not be far away away when e may have to face monster machines and cheater machines. God Forbid!(Or shall I say machines forbid?)

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    I appreciate the author for his observation about machines and humans. I believe there is most important difference between humans and machines is emotions. Machines do not have emotions and they can not replace your massage as per their emotions, but for human beings, it is quite difficult as they have emotions and intellect both, so they can manipulate any person or thing at their convenience. If you feel you look fatty, you will ask someone, one of your people will say yes you are and another will say no you are perfect, but when you find your weight by a weighing machine, it will never lei to you.

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