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    Do you think North based politicians have more say over the governance of India?

    From the beginning, politicians of northern states have more say over the governance of India. This is because the northern states have more representation in parliament as they include bigger states like UP, MP, Bihar, Maharashtra, etc. A political party will rule the country when only they have a majority in northern states. In the past, the Congress party has equal representation from all parts of the country as they have a stronghold everywhere. They used to give equal representation in their cabinet and so they used to develop all parts of the country equally. In the NDA regime mostly northern-based parties flourished and all the states have no proportionate representation in their cabinet. For example, in the present NDA government, there is no place for AP politicians in the cabinet, and like that many states of India. Usually, a union government should have a broad perspective in ruling the country. But present politicians are showing more favoritism to their own states in allotting railway projects, various benefits, and schemes. Due to this, the Southern states are suffering a lot in their developmental process.
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    Good thread initiated by the author and there many reasons to say that North side politicians do dominate the governance of India. Firstly UP is the main state which gives whole lots of leaders to the country and previosuly it was the very big state and now bifurcated and that is the reason being so , those who won from this state feels they have been bestowed the powers of ruling the country. Even P V Narasimha Rao who failed to get elected from the Telugu states was forced to stand from Rampur and got elected to become PM of India. For this reason the late NTR tried his best to become the PM buy coining NDA but after his death that is fizzled out. Not that the South has no talented leaders to lead the country, they are not allowed to do so. Had Chandrababu Naidu was in power in AP, he would have seated his son as CM and he might have shifted to Delhi.
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    The politicians from the north are playing always an important role than south Indian politicians. But South Indian politicians tried many times to bring a change in this but not successful. The main reason is due to regional parties. In South India, almost all the states are having regional parties. Only Karnataka may be an exemption to that. Each regional party is having its own influence in their own state. But north India is having mainly two parties. They are BJP and Congress. All these days Congress is managing the majority seats. But due to their own problems they lost and there also some regional parties are coming up. As Such BJP has got much influence in the North.
    When all the regional parties get together they are not able to come to an understanding about the top post and that is making that front weak So this trend may continue for some more time I think.

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    The reason for BJP , which was having just one or two MP's for many years could come back to powers on its own rather relying on its political partners that proves that they improved their performance in Mid and North India that paved for their strong candidates across those states where they are in power. In South except Karnataka the BJP does not have the formidable presence and therefore none to challenge the position for the top post of PM . By the way PM chair is not that easy to sit in as the responsibility is huge and the national leader caliber alone can cast a spell of national thinking. Be it Congress or BJP the North leaders have dominated the parties and they keep on influencing in their own way and some times it is felt that south should part away from the North. But as long as votes want this divide is seen to be believed.
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    The author has made a good observation and to some extent the points mentioned are very correct also. Since beginning the national politics was in the hands of a few from the Northern states especially UP. Even in British times UP was a preferred state in many respects. The leaders of the Southern states were either happy with their regimes in those parts of the country or were not able to enter the national level competition because of the stern competition posed by the Northern leaders. Whatever be the reasons for that it happened like that but I do not think that the Northern states have progressed much more than their Southern counterparts. In fact some of the Southern states are better in many respects. They have better governance and some of the leaders have done much for the poor and destitutes
    in those states. With time this difference between the Northern and Southern is going to be reduced as uniform policies are being inducted everywhere. Digitisation of processes is also playing a big role in this objective.

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    Ruling party at centre has to satisfy its Parliament members. That is needed for the survival of the government by sustaining the majority. As a few Northern states combined contribute more MPs it naturally happens that those MPs will have more influence in the ruling party's affairs.
    In the present BJP/NDA government at the centre except from Karnataka there are no significant number of ruling coalition MPs from southerns states. Hence it becomes obvious that the MPs rom other states which contributed more number of MPs for the ruling party will have more say in overall matters. But in matters for which wherever there is an established system, things go by that system without any differentiation.

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    The region that has more representatives will have more say in the house. While the responsibility of the central government is to look after the development of the whole country it is the individual representatives who bring up the local issues in front of the ruling party at the centre. According to that, the central government takes action. It is the responsibility of the state governments to develop their own states though they depend on funds for some projects depending on the terms and conditions for execution of those projects. For a state government, a cordial relationship with the central government is essential but what we see is mere politics on most of the issues. Rather than representation, it is the bickering among the political parties that are hindering the development in some regions.

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    Since independence northern half has been in dominance in our country. Most of the prime ministers were from U.P. and other parts of northern half. Reason is obvious that number of M.P.s is more than Southern part of our country and Prime Minister is elected by the majority of M.P.s

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