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    Different professions and colours

    I was thinking about colours which are related to different work or profession, like: an advocate wears black coat or gown with a white bow, railways T.T. also wears a black coat and black cap. Doctors are seen wearing a white coat but surgeons change their clothes, they wear green or blue ones. It is said that a senior doctor chose green clothes in operation theatre in 1914. I have read somewhere why green or blue are preferred for surgery is that green and blue are the opposite of red on the colour spectrum, and during an operation, a surgeon is nearly always focusing on red blood, so the blue and green help improve the surgeon's vision and makes them more sensitive to different shades of red.
    I don't know if it is the right reason, however, these colours related to different professions distinguish themselves from one another. A person can recognise him if he is a doctor, advocate or engineer or policeman or pilot etc.
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    There may be some or the other reason behind selecting a uniform for a particular profession. Khaki uniform indicates service. That is why for many people who will be serving people as a part of their job. Police, drivers, sanitary workers are being given khaki uniform.
    During my studies we used to use white coat when we are in laboratory. If any student is not bringing coat he/ she was being sent out. The coat is an additional protection for the student's dress. We have to identify the change in the colour while doing some practicals. So white background is required and that may be the reason for white oats even in chemical labs.

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    It is observed that the main doctors who even perform the operations are supposed to wear light blue and those who are consultant doctors they wear white dress. Like wise the head nurse, operation theater nurse and the general nurse have their uniforms according to the hospital choice. When it comes to Lawyers they have to wear the black shirt for sure and black coat over it. But I have seen the senior police officers are not in their regular dress and they keep one ready in the car and worn in need. So there are professional dress code for every profession and we can identify them through dress.
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    They are recognised as doctors or lawyers or nurses or police or defence whilst on duty in their uniform only. In the normal course they are in private clothings and their profession cannot be recognised. But a politician can easily be recognized by the clothes they wear.
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    There are many different perspectives from person to person about colors. whether it would be the spiritual reason or scientific reason behind using specific color in a specific field but is true that colors affect our moods, energy, and sometimes our behavior. When we study spectrum we got o know that spectrums having seven colors and everything in this world can reflect some specific colors, so we can able to see those colors that are reflecting by a specific object. White color is a color that reflects all colors that is why it looks white on the other hand black color is observed in all colors that is why it looks black.

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    Some colours are there traditionally attached to some professions while some colours have some technical reasons to be present there. Religious gurus prefer light coloured sober dresses while the program comparers or stage performers use attractive colours in variety of designs. The established colours remain in our memory and we recognise the people wearing them. Khaki colour of the police forces and military colours in army are well recognised. Colours are sometimes used for the purpose of camouflaging also to hide from the enemy army in war like situations. So, not only colours distinguish the professions of some people but depict the particular situation also.
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