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    Criticizing cooking by changing food pattern by our own

    Many people,nowadays, changed their food pattern by seeing computers or hearing from others. But they are criticizing the cooking persons that the cooking is not up to the mark. Without basic requirements the cooking is not found normal. Many people in the kitchen do follow the right method while cooking. But the people of the above type ask or expect from the cooking persons according to their food pattern. In one house a lady did normal cooking but the husband of her wanted to cook sambar without chilli powder or green chillis, tamarind. He asked her to reduce salt in the cooking. But if the salt is reduced below a normal level the taste will get spoiled and others in the house cannot eat. Nowadays this situation is running in almost every house.
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    Yes. What we want is to be informed to the person who is cooking. Otherwise, how come that person will know about your requirement. Always we should adjust ourselves to the taste of others also so that the housewives need not take many troubles.
    In our house also we face the problem with young people. Sometimes my wife has to make three or four varieties to satisfy all the members. Somebody wants more chillies, somebody wants more sweet and somebody wants less tamarind. The same curry she has to make in 4 types. How difficult is this? Nobody understands this.
    During our childhood, my mother used to make as required by my father and all others used to adjust to the same food. If we say the food is not good my father used to shout at us. But these days the situation is different.
    Parents are getting adjusted as per the requirements of their children and others in the family. So at least if the husbands understand the problems and cooperate with their housewives it will be good.

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    Cooking is the great art and not everyone is bestowed with the trait of good cooking to the likes of opposite person. As said by the author, Indian cooking is based on basic ingridients without which the taste would not be perfect and something must be wanting to be added. Our households have borrowed the best cooking practice legacy from the elders and there is no compromise in it. For example the best Sambar can be prepared with the basic ingredients prepared from home like Dhania, Turdal, Channa dal and Mirchi powder and if all added would become the best sambar powder made at home. But the sambar powder which is ready made available in stores are not of that quality and yet adjusted by those house holds who cannot prepare the same at home. But our house made sambar is always good and tasty.
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