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    Fruit for others is better than fruit for self

    Poet Tenali Raman,famous vigadakavi, who was in the courtyard of Krishnadevaraya was named for his cleverness. Through his cleverness he challenged many things in the courtyard of the King. One day an enemy king came to fight with Krishnadevaraya. Though the Krishnadevaraya was strong enough to meet him in the war, his associates wanted to prevent the war with him. During the discussion in the courtyard about the way to prevent the war, Tenali Raman told the king that he would go and meet the king and arranged for the prevention. Initially puzzled Krishnadevaraya agreed to send him. Krishnadevaraya asked Tenali Raman to take some knights with him for safety. Refused Tenali Raman went towards the enemy king's warcamp. But in the middle way, Tenali Raman sat on the ground in the guise of an old man of too much aged on the way of the enemy king had his walking. When the king came on that way, Tenali Raman was trying to dig a small pit for sowing a mango plant on the ground with his trembling hands. By seeing this, the enemy king approached him and asked what he was doing. Tenali told that he was planting a mango tree. Laughed king asked Tenali,'Hey! you yourself counting the days of living but for whom you are planting the tree?'. Tenali replied,'Oh sir, I do not know who you are but believed that you might be a stranger to this reign. In our Krishnadevaraya's reign we are not living for our own but living for others. I plant this mango not for me but for our tradition. Many kings destroys people in the name or war but our King Krishnadevaraya, though strong in conducting wars, he is not interesting in ruining poor people, cattles and wealth for his own benefit'. The enemy king heard these words and returned his war camp, dropped the idea of war and sent a message to King Krishnadevaraya.
    This was a happening in the life of Krishadevaraya but it made to remember me yesterday when I was in the garden of my uncle house. My uncle casually planted some jasmine plants when he was constructing his house and the plants are blossomed with many fragrant flowers. When I am plucking them for pooja, I remember my uncle and this story as the plants are very useful to us though my uncle is not alive.
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    You may be planting a tree today. That will give shelter to future generations and it will give fruits also to future generations. The fruits that we are eating today might have come from the trees planted by our forefathers. So we need not do all the works for our benefit only. We can do it for the benefits of the next generations.
    Tenali Ramalinga Kavi is a very intelligent poet. He is well known for his witty nature. There are many stories that are in rounds about his intelligence and awareness. Many times he saved his king and other poets from embarrassment by winning over the rivals who came to test the intelligence of his king's court.
    My grandfather used to tell many stories in which this poet won over many others using his cleverness and wisdom.

    always confident

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    The story shared by the author was popular and have great meaning which has changed the enemy king to drop the war idea against the Krishnadevaraya. This story also brings in a fact that in those days the kings were not adamant and they are open to advices and gestures from even anybody, Here Tenali Raman's way of giving the message has really opened the eyes of enemy king. And it is also to be noted that in those days the wars may be inevitable and sure but they cared how to keep the nature in tact and not to be disturbed the nature. This story will has many lessons to be learned for the future generation.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thanks for sharing this story that gives us three important teachings: First is that war brings destruction, so it should be averted at any cost. The World has experienced how world war first and second brought havoc to mankind. In other like Vietnam war, Gulf war millions of people died including children.
    The second teaching is that we should do plantation of new trees. It not only benefits us but also our environment. We need fresh air. City dwellers have forgotten to feel fresh air due to pollution.
    The third teaching is that we should do something good for mankind without any greed or selfishness.

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