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    Please be careful with such persons on the roadside

    One day, when I was returning from one place on the way to my house, I stood in a bus stop to catch another bus to my home. There a person came with a lady by his side and holding a small child in his shoulder told me that he lost his purse and as he have no money to return back to his house and his child also crying for food/milk, he asked me to help him to some extent. He showed his company Identity card of some big government organization at the outskirts of the city. By feeling pity by seeing them in the late evening and the time of their reaching home in the late night, I paid him 150 rupees by believing the identity card.
    On reaching home I narrated this happening to my family members during dinner. My elder brother interrupted me in the middle by saying that whether this was on this road, by telling the road name and told me, 'Hey, he must be a cheat.. I told my brother that I have seen his identity card etc., But shocked to hear the words of my brother. My brother told,'What you have seen everything may be right but I have seen him yesterday evening on the same road and gave 100 rupees' If he is genuine how could stay here as his house in outskirts our city. By hearing from you only I understand we got cheated with some bogus identity card'.
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    Because of some cheat the needy person who really wants the attention goes unnoticed or even chided for being a fraud and duping. One day I was waiting for my friend to finish his Namaz and there a old person was seen weeping uncontrollably and I could see him in real trouble. He is from Guntur and came to meet the lawyer who called him to Hyderabad but gone out of station without informing anybody. The person has no money to return back as he was supposed to take money from lawyer. Being new to Hyderabad and does not know anyone, he was really in a bad situation. I could sense genuinity in his words. I took him a mess to eat for fully and also gave him hundred rupees as the train ticket. Immediately after reaching Guntur he called me , thanked me and also sent me back the money. That was really good help.
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    It is true, nowadays it is not easy to trust anyone, there are so many cheaters around us that many times in their deception we do not even understand who really needs help and who is cheating on us. Most of us psychic when we see a helpless helpless person in front of us, then the humanity and kindness within us compel us to help him.

    One such incident happened once with my brother and I had gone with my brother to get some medicine from the medical shop. I went to the shop alone and my brother was standing near the shop, meanwhile, I saw a person talking to my brother, then I got busy taking my medicine, when I went back I asked my brother who was the person who talked to him Brother told me, he was needy who also had a family and he was asking for some money to go to his home, my brother gave him 500 rupees.
    I got a little angry at my brother because I didn't find it very appropriate to give 500 rupees to any unknown person, that too when we don't know whether he was telling the truth or a lie. But then I thought that if my brother has helped that person without any selfishness, then it must have got some good result in my brother's life. But still, we find it a little difficult to identify the true and fake people easily in such cases.

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    It's very difficult for us to differentiate between them who is genuinely in need of our help. In such situation I help any person if he asked for any help. If I start having doubt about everybody, the person who needs my help will be deprived of.

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    There may be some cheats disguised as poor and needy begging at various prominent locations but everybody is not the same. Unless you are aware of the same person duping many it is not so easy to find out whether somebody is telling a lie. According to our capability, we can help others and if the person is a cheat actually we are not at fault. At some point, that person will be caught.

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