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    Everyone can be happy, it is only a matter of positive attitude.

    If a person keeps his attitude positive, he/she does not help the world but themself. I have two friends and both are very unhappy these days, one of whom got married very early, so she is sad that she could not make her identity in her life and now due to family responsibilities, her life is only a good one girl and will end up by being just a house wife. The same my other friend, working in Pune, is doing whatever she wants, but due to some reasons, is facing hurdles related to her marriage issues so she is also unhappy. The most important thing is that both of them call each other lucky and at the same time feel unlucky themselves. Now if I see from my point of view then both of them can be happy if they change their attitude. We don't always get what we want in life, but we can try to be happy with what we have got.
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    True. One should be positive. Then all your issues will be successful only. If we are having a negative mind we will have all defeats and losses only in our lives. I have seen some people who will be always complaining about their life and they always talk about the problems they are facing. Even though they are minor in nature they start worrying much and tell everybody as if they are only facing all the problems in the world. If we spend some time with such people we will also get into trouble. There is no doubt about this.
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    Everyone can be happy unless we don't compare us with others. Of course, carry a positive attitude. Thoughts have the power to do all things possible , hence carrying a positive attitude is highly important. What is stopping us to be positive is fear. The reality is most of our fears don't come true. Positive thoughts will help you to achieve your dreams and have a good health and Mind.

    "Your attitude decides your Altitude"

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    After reading this thread my thoughts went to a old Hindi song in which Amitabh Bachhan is starring with Bharathi and the song goes like this. Aapni bhi zindagi mein kushion ka pal aayega, dhoondengay tho mil jayaega.. such a woderful lyrics which says that even we can experience the happiness of life if we try to search for small moments of the same. Surely even in every failure there could small happiness and even in every accident one can have the sigh of relief of having survived. Only yesterday our office employee was met with an accident near our office and luckily he escaped with small injuries as he was wearing the helmet. He was saying that he would thank God for having survived even after a hit and run case accident by a speeding car. This is called luck and the moments of happiness even in this time was appreciated.
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    I think everyone can be happy if they stop searching for happiness elsewhere. A positive attitude is essential and always thinking in a negative way can make things negative. Both of the friends mentioned in the thread think each other lucky but they think of themselves as unlucky. Various problems and unfulfilled expectations are making people unhappy. But if we can happily try to resolve those problems then the problems can be solved and we can also remain happy. But what many people do is just the opposite. They keep on thinking they are unhappy which restricts them to resolve the issues.

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    I agree that we should spend our life happily. The author has given examples of her two friends and both are unhappy in their lives. One is married and she is not happy to live as a housewife. Perhaps she wants to live her life as a free woman without any shackles of marriage. I think she should discuss this issue with her husband and should try to live happily but if she feels suffocating and can't spend a happy life then she can take divorce or she can separate from her husband for a few months.
    Another friend is spending her life freely but she is not happy because she is not married yet. I think she should not be worried, I hope that soon she will get marry.

    Everybody is free to dream but we should not make any condition that our dreams must come true. Our happy life becomes hell if we make conditions to make our every dream come true. We should not waste our energy on useless thoughts.

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    Yes, once the negativity sets in, it will affect our performance in our life. Hence we need to change our attitude. The author has presented two examples of her two friends being unhappy in their lives.
    The case of the first one is that she has been married earlier and in that situation, she would no more be able to take up any assignments freely. However, she needs to change her mental make up. She can freely discuss the same with her husband and can sort out alternative ways to get rid of such a situation. Similarly, her second friend is unhappy because of being unmarried. This can be resolved with the negotiation of some parties where she can get a groom of her own liking. Though it may take some time, but it is achievable with her little effort. Things can be changed better with the positivity only.

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    It is said and also believed by many that happiness comes from within. It cannot be acquired through financial or material gains. It is connected to the state of our mind and if our mind is happy we feel happy. Scholars and saints had done great work on how a person can get happiness in his life and there are many theories propounded and mentioned by the great learned people in the past but when it comes to be happy in ones life many of those theories miserably fail because human emotions are and will always be there to create problems in remaining happy. Still, one can exercise various ways to have happiness in life but it is a really difficult thing to remain happy in ones life as so many things would distract our mind to so many issues that would cause worry and unhappy moments in our lives and it is a real challenge to fight with all of them and remain happy.
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