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    A policy named Much ado about nothing

    Everyone is busy with their own work and they are supposed to be. If we sit idle for some time many unnecessary thoughts can crop up in our minds and that's why when such things happen others advise us to remain more engaged with our work. Along with remaining busy many of us wish to remain relevant. Especially, for public figures staying relevant may seem to be one of their passions. If you are doing your job seriously it's not a problem for you and you are under watch all the time and remain relevant. There are also some public figures who are making a fuss about things that are of no importance to the general public. Now, for making a fuss about such things one has to spend some time to find out such issues. I do not know if they do their work seriously how they can find some time to look for the issues to fuss about. Maybe much ado about nothing is one of their policies to stay relevant. Members, what do you say?
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    Many people can be seen around us who like to create furore for nothing to divert the attention of other people towards them. Sometimes, their intention seems to make other people realise how important they are. If they are in a gathering they will do kind of activity which people begin to heed to.
    As far as public figures are concerned, they must raise unnecessary issues to remain in news. Their intentions have various forms and people can not penetrate their mind what they have intended by creating any controversy. You can't stop them from raising unnecessary issues.

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    That is more in politics. Especially opposition party people try to create more noise if there is a small chance also. Sometimes the issues that they may be talking about is in no way relevant to the public but they create much hype for the same.
    In our village, the Surpunch was very good and he was doing an excellent job. All people are happy. The opposition party leaders were very unhappy. They were trying different ways to find fault with the surpunch. But they couldn't. Finally, they tried to tarnish his image by taking a very irrelevant point and created a lot of fuss.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went the recent political killings happening in AP and how the leaders let loose their tongue and how it affects the society in large. The aim of the so called leaders was to pacify the family who lost their two members attending to funeral and they were killed. They seems to be members of opposition party and thus the blame game on ruling party charging them with choicest abuse. The abuse was so strong that the opposition leader has promised to start same blood path once they come back to power and would eliminate all those who gone hiding in the murder case. That was the worst reaction ever seen in the recent time once again given credence to faction rivalry in already surcharged Rayalseema region of AP. Leaders must know that if they give loose talk in the public out of outrage over happenings, that is going to create ripples later.
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    There are some people who will create problems by raising issues which are actually not there. It could be intentional or by habit but it creates unnecessary fuss and most of the time generates confusion only. As other members have also indicated, it happens in politics often that for taking some advantage the leaders will create these situations and the fulfil their desires which are in most of the cases related to vested interests or evil objectives. Some unoccupied people might also do such things to pass their time though it is a very bad way to pass one's time. Human lives are not meant to waste like that.
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    It is not a new phenomena that opposition would try to tarnish your image if they get any minor lapse of the present administration. They would create such hues and cries that ordinary people would be influenced and finally these leaders would succeed in their mission.In our country, the opinion of the people is vital and if they support a party with their full hearts, the game is won. Hence they apply such tricks to win them by creating some hatred within the minds of the people to make the situation more favourable for them. They survive with such gimmick tricks.

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    "Much ado about nothing" - a Shakespearean drama was a prescribed book for English in our syllabus for us in college.

    The word'ado' means creating a great fuss or become confused and web knots and find in difficulties on matters not at all important. Even now we can see many such people. While some of them will be just innocent ,confused and worried people, there are others who deliberately and consciously create 'much ado' and coming to solve them and declaring their importance and inevitability. They are 'different crisis managers' because they only create crisis when there is actually none and no need of it.none. After creating much ado or fuss, these people will enjoy others confused and entangled in fuss; then they will come and show their great efforts to unknot the fuss and make things clear.

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