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    Not all chains are made up of metal.

    I was reading a book and I came across some lines which we can relate in different contexts in our life, and here I am interpreting them in my own way. A chain can be used to trap a human as well as an animal. We always see this chain as something made up of metal or some hard substance. But remember the hardest can be of false promises. We all are bounded by emotions, allured by material gains and easily convinced by little flattery. Weakest point of our life is that we easily get away and started believing on others. The other person who is using us, play with our emotions and one day leave us with no choice but to lament over our foolishness of believing him as all destruction had occurred. It's good to belive on others but being vigilant is also necessary as world is changing and people are becoming more self centred, and some even doesn't cares how they are spoiling life of others. Optimism is necessary in every relationship of life, but remember, "not all chains are made uo of metals, the worst are made up of comfort and false promises."
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    Very good thread from the author and contents were gone deep into the human behavior compared to the chained control of animals. At the most the chained animals can be shouting or making noise for the release out of frustration for not being let out free. But there are people around us who tend to chain our thought process and they try to keep us in their control as if we are bonded labor to them for ever. And we do oblige to them for they being the rich, affluent and affordable for anything and this weakness in us was being exploited to the hilt and thus we cannot come out of their control ability. Whether the animal or the human if freed from the captivity, would feel exited and keep running out of the place thinking not to be seen in that place again. That proves how the frustration level was under the duress and strict control.
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    I appreciate the author, who has explained such a big thing in such easy words. It is true that all of us human beings, bound by feelings, develop more attachment and trust towards the person who is binding us with this invisible chain before us, and we just keep tying ourselves without thinking. During that time we may experience happiness, but soon we come to know that we had given the door of our life to someone else through this chain and then could not do anything except regret, that's why be alert from the beginning, You are also not going to get stuck somewhere if you find so then save yourself.

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    There is a saying in Telugu that means that a goat always believes in a butcher only. Like that many of us believe the people who try to make us believe them by making false promises. They make many big promises and make us believe them. But actually, when the time comes they will go back. We see this type of practices more in private financial dealings. They promise us a higher rate of interest and we will get tempted. But after investing money there only we will understand the actual situation. I know many people who got deceived by such people.
    A builder in Hyderabad planned a venture in Hyderabad and did it very well and everything as promised. All are happy with them and in the market also he got a good name. Then he collected money from many middle-class people and promised very good result and all of a sudden he vanished. Many people suffered heavily because of his actions but they could not do anything.

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    Emotions and sentiments are in-built, we can't be detached utterly from them as these emotions and sentiments are inseparable entities. Some people realise how significant these entities are. They win our confidence and then they play with us.
    We, mentally, should be strong enough to encounter them. We should not be carried away. This is the point that weakens a common person.
    We should not have blind faith in any person regardless of who he is. If we are blindfolded for him we are mentally enslaved to him and he can play with us easily because we have allowed him to play with our emotions and sentiments.

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    There are people in the society who will be very friendly and cordial and slowly win our faith and confidence in them and one fine day get their evil motives completed by cheating or deceiving us. This is happening in society and we have to be very alert on this aspect. Human bonds can be easily formed using sentiments and emotions and we all fall prey to them. Those who have ulterior motives behind these superficial emotions will not be affected and will do their jobs in a cruel and offending manner. It is our judgement and prudence which only can save us from these threats in our lives.
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    Yes, those chains remain invisible but somehow bind people. When we are connected to people emotionally such things can always happen which remain out of our control. In such cases, emotion takes the control of such things and we tend to realize much later. Controlling our emotions is in our hands but if emotion tries to control our actions then in many cases we repent for such actions. We cannot differentiate between right, wrong, acceptable, unacceptable, etc and remain in a trance when emotion controls us. Comfort may be an illusionary feeling where emotion plays a role and false promises are also something that is connected to our emotional attachment. To break these invisible chains we need to remain alert and keep our emotions under check.

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