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    By paying attention to anything we feel like missed the learning

    The human behavior is great and sometimes very tricky to understand and go about. Normally we do not give attention or pay attention to many things through which come across for many reasons that we are busy in our own work or profession. But the life is continued learning and we would be stunned to notice some thing can be learned on each close observation of any thing in our life. Suppose this empty forum box can also rekindle a thought process to write something and thus a learning has been started with great earnest.
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    I agree with the author, in fact, every incident or every observation of our life is due to some reason, it is very important that we understand the purpose of that reason, otherwise, that reason keeps on coming in front of us again and again because we are doing that couldn't reach the purpose. The name of life is not only to live because every person has lived, whether he is rich or poor. Spending life observing and understanding gives rise to a great purpose and perhaps this purpose makes our life meaningful.

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    It is true that sometimes even the insignificant things can generate the spark of the learning in us. If we are really interested we can learn from the small things in our lives that we come across often.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Learning is an everlasting process. Sometimes, secondary issues render us excellent knowledge that is not expected from them. We should not overlook small incidents which occur quite often and these small incidents give us amazing teachings.
    We find ourselves as educated, learned, knowledgeable and experienced people but sometimes, small children give us useful suggestions which dont come in our mind and their suggestions become helpful for us to succeed. Our planning., strategy, thoughts, experience become pygmy.

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    Learning is the continuous process and it is necessary to acquire higher domain of knowledge for the better grasping of any subject. However, we should be open to suggestions even if it is offered by a child if we have some confusion in the related subject. They may be far younger than us but they too have the excellent knowledge in some fields. We should not ignore their knowledge in case of emergency thinking that they are little bit matured. If we want to gain knowledge, we should explore all resources including the kids to acquire some skills.

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    There is an opportunity to learn from everything we observe carefully. The child learns new things by observation only and it continues as long as one wishes. In many cases, we have confined our learnings to some specific books and do not wish to move beyond that. We feel that's the only way to learn and there is no point to observe things that are not in our domain of expertise. Even by observing only one may become an expert and for that one needs to observe minutely.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    I agree with the author that learning can be carried out anytime and anywhere. Learning is not what we get from books but our surroundings and our everyday experiences teaches us a lot. But I feel that sometimes excess of learning is also not fruitful. For this we can follow one way, that observe what's going around us, then like a filter use the knowledge and content what might be useful to us and remove that from our memory which is useless as observing and learning from useless tasks sometimes make us deprived of learning what might be useful.

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