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    June 20 is the Father's Day to honor and appreciate our father

    Happy Father's Day!

    Father's Day also honors those connections that are analogous to parental bonds. The day is dedicated to honoring and appreciating not just dads, but also father figures who mold our brains, ideas, and help us realize our dreams and goals. This day is devoted to our dads' heroic efforts and sacrifices for us.

    Fathers have an important part in their children's lives. They not only prioritize their children's needs before their own, but they also lead them at every stage. As a result, while dads and their selfless love should be recognized every day, the third Sunday in June is designated as Father's Day each year. This year, it falls on June 20.
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    The vital link of the family is the root that holds its saree branches together and it is the foundation that sustains its building. The purpose of life of a father is sometimes to fulfill the happiness of his family, to give a good upbringing to his children and to give all the facilities which perhaps the same father could not get in his life. The only hope of a father is from the children that their children grow up to become a noble person and make their reputation in the society and become the supporter of the father, fathers are the first identity of a child and should be always respectable by their children. I salute all such respected fathers.

    Along with this, there are many mothers who, being a single mother, are playing the role of mother as well as the father to their child, raising their child with all facilities and making them a wonderful face of upcoming generations.

    I wish all of them a very happy fathers day.

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    Every day is our father's day and every day is our mother's day because they are our parents who forget their happiness to make us happy. They raise us affectionately. They care about us and everything that they possess spend on us selflessly.
    Whose parents are still alive I advise them to take care of them, should spend their time with them too because they need their children with them when everybody has discarded them. Our parents should never feel that their children have discarded them. If you have become grandfather but your father or mother is still alive then you're still a child to them.
    Happy father's day!

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    Happy father's day. The role of a father in any family is well known and he is considered the pillar of the family as traditionally he had provided bread and butter to each and every member of the family. Father is always treated like the person in a family to whom everyone will approach whenever there is a problem and in turn father will solve it within his means. Today as other members of the family like women are also working and earning so the load on father might come down but still when it comes to making decisions of high level everyone sees towards him only.
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    Happy fathers Day,
    A father is the roof of the home. We feel so protected . Most of the fathers have inbuilt leadership qualities. He always has a plan for all acts of the family. Some are strict , Some are lenient, but all are family centric only. All are generous. He satisfies all the needs of the Family members. A mother carries her children in womb where as a father carries the children in their mind. A father is the Pride of daughters. Unconditional love, hardworker, selfless, simplicity, leader, rolemodel, does everything for us without even we expressing ... are some of the words that come to our mind when we think of our father.

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    Happy Father's Day, I am happy to see that Father's Day is being observed just to please our father. We are grateful to our father for their tremendous sacrifice for their kids. We have the privilege of total protection under their shadows and we have seen their anxieties in case of our health disorders. Whatever they are doing, it is for the sake of the betterment of their kids. The kids don't like the discipline enforced by their fathers. But it is for their overall improvement and the same thing is realised in their later part of their lives.

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    I wish a happy father's day to all the members of ISC. In this world, the role of a father is very much downplayed and more importance was given to motherhood. Mother brought us on to this land but father introduced this world to us. He takes all the pains for the welfare of the children. Generally, fathers are more concerned about their children's future. So they try to be strict and see that their children will come up well. Many children may not like this attitude and the children will develop fear for them and maintain a distance from their father. But inside father always wants their children to be in top slots. But they never express their inner thoughts to the children.
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    On this International father day. I am indebted to say very many thanks to my father and being the 8th son, he named me aptly and why admire him because he was the lone earner for the family of total ten members. He was so strong. so committed and so educated as nothing can go wrong, nor he would make others to do wrong thing. In his 38 years service in the Defence accounts department was the highlight of his life as he not only performed his duties towards the children and also saved for his death expenses and also for the Mother death expense. I have never see such a higher thinking future prospective person who always envisaged for the quality thinking not bothering others to get into problem. Amidst challenges of life being faced we really miss him his presence, advice and foresighted thoughts as we move through the process of life.
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    A father is a first role model to a child. I read in one magazine. A father took his 11 years old son to a magic show. There a board depicts that ticket for children below 10 years would be three rupees and five rupees for elders. This father got two elders ticket. At the entrance, the checker saw the tickets and the boy. He told,'the boy seems to be under ten years as he is short, you would have bought three rupees ticket for him.' Father replied,'Good ! I would have gained two rupees, but that two rupees will turn my son into other way-to cheat others'.
    So father's first duty to guide his child with good manners. He should speak with his children with care and love rather than strictness.

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