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    Why do we attribute in that fashion?

    Everyone has some beliefs and convictions in one's life. With that we attribute things with each other. If a person keeps fit because of regular exercises he will have a strong belief in that and advise others accordingly. A religious person might attribute his success and prosperity to the worshipping of the God that he continuously did in the past and still continuing. So, people attribute their success whether it is financial gain or maintaining good health or attaining spirituality to some belief in their lives and at times they may think their own beliefs as the best of the lot and sometimes even condemn other people's theories. Is it correct to attribute things like that or we should be rational enough as not to attribute anything to any belief or concept? What do the members opine?
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    I have seen some people who use stones attribute all their success to stones and they wear these stones in rings. Once you ask a question why they wear stones they will begin to give a lengthy lecture, if you try to convince them that nothing happens by wearing these stones but your efforts, they will call you ignorant. I dont know if any member believe in stones? However, all these beliefs are personal matters of people what they believe in.

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    There are different beliefs in different people. When we start going out we will see for a Good Omen. Some will laugh at this. But people who have belief in this will never stop it. They say omen will indicate the outcome of their work. If you want to go for logic in that we will not find anything. Such people always suggest others follow that. The same is the case with many other faiths. Astrology and Numerology are also like that. Some believe that 100% and some people make fun of it. Vaastu is another thing. We can't question anybody. That is their own interest and belief.
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    We have been leaving our life on our terms and surely no one has the say and we are alone responsible for the success and failure. If exercise and keeping the body fit was the only reason attributed to be good enough I have seen such persons facing the death in these recent time. And those who say that by choosing a spiritual path one gets the best life ambition fulfilled , that is also wrong because a person gets into this mode only at the fag end of his age after doing all the bad deeds. And successful are those who lives on their own strength and belief and does not give credence to luck factor or wind fall. For them life is the challenge and they keep on accepting it as it comes without complaining. For them they give same credence to the good and bad time of life and sustain the loss within themselves without revealing to others.
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    In most cases, we tell others what we believe if we are benefitted out of it. It holds good in all the cases and it's a kind of feeling that when I am benefitted others will also be benefitted if they start following the same path. These beliefs will remain because many happenings are beyond our control.

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    People have strong beliefs and faith and if they have some faith in something then it is very difficult to change their mind because that is so strongly embedded in their mind during the bringing up phase and society in which they dwell that they cannot accept that what they are presuming or believing is irrational and illogical. In this world there are many conflicts and confrontations just because of this reason and even the expert psychologist cannot mould people with their convincing reasonings and explanations.
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