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    Stop being helpless and start being helpful.

    There is every kind of circumstances in life, but some people always feel like a poor person, life is meaningless for such people and it is not part of any particular purpose. Considering themselves helpless, compelled, they themselves create such situations which make them really helpless. If a person wants, every day can be useful to someone or for any life, that is, he can help them.

    The most important thing is that when we make ourselves helpful to someone, then we realize that our life is valuable, which is being useful to someone. That is why from now on stop thinking of yourself as helpless and make yourself helpful to others. We are all sent into the world for a specific purpose and that purpose makes us feel the real happiness of our life.
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    The author has given good suggestions that we should be helpful to other people instead of expecting any help from others. Some rich people don't help needy people and always complain of scarcity of money and look forward to having help from others.
    I think it is due to greed for wealth. Some people who are not so rich as they are never hesitate and come forward to help poor and needy people. They hide their problems from other people and always project that everything is okay in their lives.
    It all depends on our mindset how we take this world.

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    It all depends on the mentality of the individual. Some people always feel pity for them and they want everybody to show pity on them. So they always try to project all their difficulties to others and exaggerate the same. They think others will help them. But once others understood the mentality of this person they never care for him.
    Every person should learn to live on their own. They should feel pride in living in their own way. They should compare themselves who are in very bad shape and feel happy. That will give them positivity and they can attain further heights. There are some people whom we feel happy in helping others even though they are in difficulties. Sometimes time they go out of the way and try to help others. They never talk to others about their difficulties. They never like to get help from others.

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    Good advice from the author and what is the use of life if we are not able disseminate what we learned and distribute what we earned. There are people who has the money but never helped others citing that they wanted to help but unfortunately someone was being helped just now and hence no chance. And I have seen for such persons who bluff to others have faced the immense loss in other way and at that time they would think at least they should have helped the person sought financial need. One of my friend who was approached by other friend to part with 20,000 at the time of demonetization was denied help. However he had the old currency which could have been given and asked to be changed to new currency. But he thought he would keep for himself and could not change the same for obvious reasons and thus lost money when the same was given to a broker who duped.
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    That's correct. It is the nature of many to project themselves as helpless so that others come forward to offer them some help. There may be another reason to project themselves as helpless and that is to avoid helping others. One cannot judge whether this helplessness is fake or original and those who are fake think they are in an advantageous position. Everybody needs help when they are in trouble and it's our responsibility to help each other. We all are social beings and cannot live alone. If you think you are helpless seek help and at the same time try to find out people who are even more helpless than you. I am sure you will be able to find such people. This will create some energy in you and instead of seeking help, you will try to help yourself. There is a good old phrase that says "God helps those who help themselves". If you feel helpless nobody will be able to help you out. You need to discard this feeling of helplessness and get up to help others. This can help you to realize how valuable we all are to each others' lives.

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