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    Is manifestation a real thing?

    In todays world of social media and machines people usually forget to give themselves someone peaceful way. The idea of manifestation not only contains set of imaginary visuals and using some colorful pieces of granites and pebbles. Rather to put it down, it is a gorgeous way to uplift yourself not by partying or spots or food but by internal peace and happiness. using various astrological remedies to please the the planets in the milky way galaxy is the most useful way to enhance your daily life. Manifesting using objects or writing it down is one of the most authentic writing down the things helps you to remove all the negativity from life. pen down the the things once a day you are gratitude for makes you internally happy and cheerful. I myself have explored various ways to stay calm and generate those amazing vibes and energy to keep going delighted in a long run
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    Woww it's really good

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    Do we ever explore our inner self? Sometimes, we are too much engrossed in this material world that we forget about ourselves. I do not intend to generalise it but it happens with some people. They are rapt in their mundane and all their daily burden of onus make them sandwiched ruthlessly. I feel pity for these creatures who lose to manifest themselves.
    Some itchy feet dont care about all these things but wanderlust. They keep on moving here and there and far and wide. They don't find the way of astrologers or fortune-tellers because they find them as fortune sellers. They find peace and calmness in exploring new places. Someone may call them crazy but I think they live their lives to the fullest and they enjoy each moment of their days with open eyes. They dont care about money, property, relations or worldly comforts. They are born with itchy feet.

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    We give much thoughts to manifestation because the things are made and written in such a planned way that we ought to believe that such things are going to happen as per the time given. In this regard I wish to share the very example of how the courier movement is being shown on the site and we believe that such things are happening so as to create a confidence within us because money has been paid and we ought to get the product right. No matter the product may even get delayed for the reasons known to the shipper we still believe that the movement is made known to us and we are confident of getting it. Same way when we read the positive things slated to be happening in our life , we feel elated and get more dose of energy and that way a right captivity is maintained to keep us in good cheers that is enough to be positive living.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    How many times we judge ourselves. In our day to day life, we will forget about many things and we will go with the wind. We want to have all materialistic happiness and pleasures. But we never see into us. What we want and what are our manifestations and are we working as per that? These things are never seen and we have no time for that. Many times we want to do something but because of outside pressures and the interests of the family members. As a matter of fact, we should have our own ideas and targets and our manifestations should be in accordance with them and we should aim to fulfil them. But we never do it due to the circumstances.
    always confident

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