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    Is it a fact when we think more when in groups ?

    Whether it is office or at home. when some idea or the suggestion is sought we tend to react positively for sure because our response matters. Our individual thinking is always gifted and it cannot be stolen by anyone. But it is generally felt and proved that when we are in group our thought process would be much more vibrant and we tend to give more positive response which was not expected from us. May be for this reason the companies initiate group discussions to bring out the best of the meeting and that would be implemented for sure.
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    There is a proverb that two brains are better than one. At the same time, there is another proverb that says too many cooks spoil the dish. After studying these two what I feel is a group is better to think but the group should have reasonable members only. When there are many people coming to an agreement will be very difficult. But when two or three people are involved their thinking will be more and a useful discussion can take place.
    When we think about an issue all the related points may not come to our mind. We may think in one direction. At that time we may miss some details. If another person is involved chances are better more points will come into discussion and a more useful discussion can take place. Hence the decisions are taken and the paths decided will give a better result than when we think alone. When we propose some way the other person may find some problems in that and those will also surface in the discussion.

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    Let me put it in a different way. Individually one can always think in various ways and when we discuss our thoughts with others, especially with colleagues working on the same project, many new ideas come up. Thinking is an individual process but sharing this thought process with others entails a response from everybody which helps to find a solution more quickly. You may think about the issue from one aspect, the other person may think of it from another aspect and when you discuss both these things some other person may suggest you look into the issue from a different aspect. In a group, it becomes a collaborative process because all have to think of executing it faster.

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    Group activities are always fetching and prove to be productive.
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    Individual responsibility makes a person bound to collect all alternatives before taking any decision and each alternative is to be pondered over and finally, the best out of them is to be chosen to finalise the decision. When a person is working in a team or group then his role is related to collective responsibility and each member of the team is expected to bring forth the best ideas for the team mission. I agree that in this situation the best ideas come out from almost all members. When a member gives an excellent idea that is liked or appreciated then each member tries his best to bring a better idea.

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    When we think alone we think for our own welfare and our perspective is limited to that extent. We may think less or more but it is all for us and for our future. On the other hand when we are in a group our mind is under the influence of group dynamics and also under the aim to achieve common objective. It is not exactly less thinking or more thinking that we do on these two different situations but we think differently.
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    Yes I think this is true that when we think in a group we think more. It could be due to many reasons , like when we think in a group we have to consider many more parameters as we think from others perspective also, on the other hand when we think alone we just think from our own perspective that could be a form of mean. Apart from that when we think in a group we want to prove ourselves better then others or we want that others appreciates our thinking that is why we explore our thinking.

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    It is always better to discuss some issues in group since in that situation, our brain works effectively in the new regime, we can dwell on many useful facts but we may lack some points somewhere in course of discussion. If the discuss is going on between two people for a particular issue, the best results are expected because both will try to come out with the best ideas relevant to the issue. If a few participants are included, still the better. However, care is to be taken that there should not be more participants otherwise we may be diverted from the main issue and we may be indulged with some unnecessary issues.

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