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    A new ayurvedic medicine for Corona

    Krishnapatnam of Nellore Dt of Andhra Pradesh is in news these days. An Ayurvedic practitioner by the name of Anandayya is distributing free medicine for Corona. He is also offering preventive medicine.

    The state government gave permission for the distribution of this medicine after doing some studies by ICMR and Ayush. Ayush has sent the formulations to many specialists in the field and obtained their reports. They are also making the medicine and distributing the same. As per the news, more than 5000 patients used these medicines and all of them recovered from Corona. So far no negative reports about the same.

    One of my friends got Corona positive and he used this medicine and within three days he was tested Corona negative. I think the government should see that this medicine will reach all the needy and the doctor should be honoured for his excellent work.
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    There are many ayurvedic medicines and native home medicines available to cure Corona in the initial stage. I have seen many people who did not disclose but recovered after the virus attack. Ginger, pepper, lemon and turmeric plays an important role to cure Corona. Also they help to prevent the virus attack. Taking hot food(completely avoiding cold items) helps to get relieved from the Covid-19. We have learned to live with Corona.
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    I believe that there will be some effective cure in native medicine system to treat Covid 19 infection also. As the native systems like Ayurveda help the body fight against the toxins and the virus etc by aiding, supporting and boosting the body's on systems, those formulas may not beknows as a cure for one or two particular illnesses. Even now many of us get relief from many types of illnesses and infections by resorting to time tested home remedies.
    I cannot understand the irony of and adamant negative attitude of the allopathic doctors and their supporters blindly and vehemently opposing any other systems to be used in managing the Covid 19 infection.
    The irony is that the allopathic doctors themselves do not have any sure cure and could not prevent the infection nor the heavy fatalities continuing in large numbers even after more than a year.

    Covid 19 situation has proved that the biggest superstition at present is the belief that allopathy is omnipotent when it is not and it cannot cure most ft he serious illnesses and health issues.

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    There are certain herbs in Ayurveda which may enhance the immune system. We need to synthesise them properly so as to be effective in the cases of corona. Unfortunately, we have not given enough opportunities to Ayurvedic Practitioners to undertake research with such medications which could work effectively to combat the virus of COVID-19.
    Though Baba Ramdev has invented a formulation known as Corolin for the better management of corona but this further investigation to prove its efficacy.
    If a doctor of Nellore practicing Ayurveda has invented a successful formulation in curing corona, it would not be surprising since Ayurveda herbs if blended properly can intensify its action. We have seen the effects of Black Pepper, Haldi, Giloy, Aswagandha, Amla etc in alleviating cough and cold. To take care of corona, medicines of Ayurveda need a proper combination of different herbs to make them effective in the corona virus. Credit goes to that doctor for his success.

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    We have been seeing about this person supplying free Ayurvedic medicine to the chronic corona patients and they are getting cured fast. If that is true and fast , why the government is not supporting such great initiative as many are advised to go for costly treatment and yet no guarantee of being cured. India should support the Ayurvedic and even the Homeo formulations that can support Corona and can cure. Probably there may be able Ayurveda doctors who has the definate cure for the disease but they are keeping out of limelight fearing public rush to their place. AP govt should give proper response to this person and support him.
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    I dont think such medicines are reliable until are tasted in labs by experts of this fields. Countries have spent and are.still spending billions of rupees on vaccines and the world is still struggling against this disease, especially, our government has spent millions of rupees, what the point is if we have such a magical wand in our hands then who can stop us from becoming Vishva Guru?

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    The author is requested to be specific. Please do not share unauthenticated news.

    And, members are also requested to be responsible.

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