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    After all, why are people so careless for one small things?

    When I look in the society, I also find good things, but sometimes the carelessness or insolent attitude of people about some very small things seems very worrying. Here I am talking about a very common physiological reaction, the reaction that our body gives as soon as some foreign object enters the body, most of the humans sneeze. Sneezing is a very common and necessary reaction that can happen to any person at any time. There is a very basic manner that when sneezing, that person should use a napkin, etc. If nothing is available then cover your nose with your hands and then wash your hands.

    We learned these manners even in school days. Sneezing is a common activity that many people faced several times a day, but some people are so careless that they never use napkins or hands while sneezing, and thus are adept at spreading the infection.

    I don't want to blame any particular gender but still, as I have experienced, some men are more careless in this matter than women. This is not only a manner but it is also necessary from the point of view of safety. It is surprising that even an epidemic like Corona has not been able to teach this habit or manners to some people.
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    Sneezing without using a napkin or without covering your nose is considered bad manners. Another person may get infected. I am one of those people who are easily infected if someone sneezes by me or close to me. It does not affect some people what other people will say about them. They dont mind sneezing without caring about other people while sitting or standing by them. But some people are very cautious about sneezing. It is embarrassing for them, especially, foreigners are seen saying sorry for sneezing without covering their face.
    I think the best way is to use a face mask or tie a handkerchief on the nose.

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    Sneezing is the most common reaction that can be expected especially during rainy or winter season but that should be let out without bothering to others. Those who sneeze at the public place without hand protection or handkerchief at the disposal they are likely to spread the virus for free. Especially when we are in crowd and purchasing the vegetable and there are every chance of sneezing because of various reasons and that should be controlled. For example if the red chilies are purchased the sneeze is for sure and that must be protected. Over the period of time the people have been taught to bring their elbow towards the mouth before sneezing and that would prevent any thing to others. Nevertheless the people should not come out for non reasons and this the time we should not misuse the unlock moments across the country.
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    I have also noticed this. Many ladies at least cover their nose with their saree. But many men will not bother about this. They sit on a bus and sneeze without any cover. This is a very bad trait. Very unhygienic also. As a matter of fact, we should use a good kerchief or mask when we sneeze so that the droplets will not fall on the surrounding persons and items. This is very essential these days keeping the present circumstances. We all know that virus will spread through these droplets and should avoid spreading the same.
    Some people cough. At that time also we will see some droplets from the mouth will fall on the surrounding people and items. So we should practice covering our mouth when we cough. That is the reason all these days all health experts are asking us to use mask without fail. Some people talk very loudly on the phone while travelling in a public vehicle. This is also not good manners.

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