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    Do you support opening of schools for next academic year after second wave of Corona?

    The second wave of Corona made the people of India the worst and put them under severe constraints and ill fate. Slowly the severity of the second wave decreasing and people are coming out to feel a little better. Slowly various states giving relaxation in their lockdown process. Some states even planning for starting of the new academic year for school children and educational institutions. But chiefs of various health organizations announcing that there may be the 3rd wave within short may affect children mostly. In this situation, starting schools for children is a wise option?
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    I think it is not wise. Third-wave is in offing, experts say. Children may be suffering more during this third wave, experts say. It is expected in another 6 or 8 weeks, as per the chief of AIIMS. As such it is better to wait for another 2 or 3 months to open the schools.
    Children never know the importance of the protocols that are to be followed and they may avoid them. A single teacher managing the whole class will be very difficult. Even children may change their masks and use also. These activities will prove to be very hazardous.
    In AP, after the first wave, the government tried to open schools but that attempt proved to be very costly. Many people reported corona positive. Then again schools are closed. So we should not be in a hurry to start colleges and schools immediately.

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    This is not a situation or crisis where we can be adventurous or showing heroism. The situation has to be dealt with great caution and prudence,ration and logic. It needs mature handling rather than emotional response to become populist.nearing one and half years. So, even if much traumatic, all have somehow reconciled to the rude truth of the situation and are facing stoically with ardent hope that everything will end soon.
    As the medical world has now more knowledge about the infection, as there are various vaccines now available and more research going on, we can hope and trust that in another few months the world will have some control over the pandemic and it will soon taper out.

    So rather than rushing o open schools we may wait for a few more months and hopefully things will be near normal and back to our pre Covid days by the end of this year.
    Before opening the schools we need to open the other sectors of economy and life first- like normal public transport,trade and business and other services. Once that stabilises without further risk we can open schools.

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    Education has gone far behind for the past of one and half years. Great schools and big schools could manage the situation and even conducted the online classes and exams. But whereas small schools and government schools could not conduct single class and many state governments made students the Corona pass for free and thus promoted to the next class. On the one hand there is a apprehension of corona spreading to the kids in the third wave and the second wave still prevailing, some governments wants schools to take extra care and conduct classes and they have given go ahead signal in Telangana from the July 1st. One thing is sure parents may not be hurry to send their wards to the schools which does not have the control of students. And many students have absent from the schools for many months would not keep quite with social distancing.
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    As per the historical data of Covid-19 infection it is very clear that though the present crisis situation seems to be on a declining path, the real danger is still there like the red burning coals hidden beneath a pile of ashes. We cannot take the things casually or lightly and in all probability schools will not be opening soon. Not only that restriction will be there but also the markets will have to be opened only on three days a week that is something like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and that also only from morning 7 AM to 2 PM in the afternoon. Besides this the existing mask and social distancing has to be continued and only after taking so many precautions we can ward off the threat. There are definitely adverse consequences like limited employment for the people, big inconvenience for many of us etc but there does not seem to be any other option at this point of time.
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    I don't think this time is good for opening the schools. As we have already seen many people and their negligence for the pandemic, it may possible their negligence will affect the children. Right now children are safe as they are at home, they are not going anywhere and their family also taking care of them more than anything, but when schools will be opened then it would be difficult for children to follow all related protocols. It is already declared by many organisation that corona will not be ended for a long time and we have to take care of ourselves then it would not a wise decision to send children to the schools.

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    I dont think it is advisable to open schools before the third wave is over. It is said that we have successfully dealt with second wave of coronavirus but cases are still coming up. Children are also prone to deadly virus. So it is better for us to keep our children away from schools. Education is important for a good life but when it is the matter of life then not only children but also all of us should protect ourselves from this virus.

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    Opening schools is a need of hour. Many children do not keep themselves involved in their studies rather they are concentrating in household works, games and playing. Almost many children might have forgotten their subjects and small children might have forgotten even alphabets. Most of the parents are busy with their 'work from home' and therefore there is no time for them in caring the children either in health, food,study. Many children skipped breakfast as the parents do not concentrate whether the children taking breakfast or not. They simply overcome themselves by saying either 'the children should take/ask breakfast' or ' they are not coming even calling many times as they are playing with others'.

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