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    King of antioxidants is Jamun fruit

    Jamun fruit is a very differently flavored fruit available after the summer season and is easily available throughout India. But the cost is somewhat at the higher end. This fruit and as well as the different parts of its tree has many medicinal values. As this fruit is filled with full of antioxidants, it provides immunity to the body, cleanses the body by eliminating poisonous wastes from the body. It fights against viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. It helps in controlling sugar levels in diabetic patients. Ayurvedic medicines used for diabetes use this ingredient in their medicines. This fruit has many anti-cancerous components in it. It helps in controlling BP. Nowadays we are getting a hybrid variety of white Jamun fruits and I think the countryside Jamun fruits are the best to reap all its benefits. In Telugu, we call this fruit Neredu Pandu.
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    Jamun trees were commonly seen during my school days on roadsides and large compounds like school and even in private properties.
    Though I was not knowing about the medicinal value of the Jamun fruits then, we children were quite happy in picking up fallen Jamun berries or even pelting stones and plucking them. It was a herculean task to get fruits without damage and without soil and dust on them. They tasted sweet and astringent or tart. But still we all relished eating them and would like to display our bluish or violet tinged tongues after eating the Jamun berries.

    While I was in Mumbai I used to buy them from an old woman selling them at a suburban railway station overbridge regularly during the season. She used to sell very clean and undamaged Jamun berries. But it was only just a few years ago that I came to know about its effectiveness in diabetics ,when I I saw someone picking the berries and seed at roadside under a Jamun tree branch protruding out from a wayside plot.

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    Jamun is a favourite fruit. I would eat it a lot in my childhood. There were several trees in court premises, we (I and my friends) would pluck jamun and enjoy the party , there are still a few jamun trees standing.
    It benefits a lot especially, in diabetes. It is used in Ayurveda, its bark as well as seeds are also used in different diseases. but it is not recommended for some people, like:
    - If someone feels vomiting after eating jamun he should not take it.
    - It is not good to take empty stomach
    - It is not recommended after taking milk
    - Pregnant women as well as breastfeeding women should avoid it
    - Also the patient of acidity should not take it .

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    When I was in my high school, in our school area many Jamun trees were there and all used to give very good fruits. While coming to the school or while going from the school we used to pick some fruits and eat. I used to like the taste of these fruits. If there was any gap between two sessions in the school, I used to go and pick these fruits. Sometimes my mother was purchasing these fruits. But we used to get free of cost many times.
    Even now I like that fruit and purchase them whenever they are available. The leaves, fruits and seeds are used in many Ayurvedic medicines. The juice made from these fruits will be used to treat cough, cold and flu. It works as an antacid. So if we eat this fruit acidity problem may get cured. I heard that if the juice of this fruit is applied to our hair dandruff will reduce. It is good for diabetic patients also.

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    Being a diabetic patient I know the importance of this fruit called Kala Jamun and it usually available during the rainy sesason. But very costly as the bigger verieties are sold at 200 per kg. In our Cantonment Military area there are many jamun trees, but those fruits fall on the road and the vehicles run over by it and we feel very unhappy. But we have purchase them and wash it nicely and add salt pepper to add to the taste and that will be more tasty. Doctors have been advising that the Sugar patient should also eat the seed and should not spit it out. The seed has all the ingredients to keep the sugar low. Nevertheless, this fruit is not available in all the places and we have to go searching for it. But where ever they are sold, those who are patients would surely grab the same and purchase it leaving nothing for us to purchase again.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Glad to know about the benefits of Jamun, but frankly saying so I do not like Jamun in fact I do not like many fruits. As far as Jamun is concerned it has a property that after having it you feel some contraction inside the mouth, even after a long time when we eat anything else its taste not feel as normal as it is just because we had Jamun before it. Anyways I am not denying its benefits, this is true it has many great properties and important nutrients and minerals that are needed for our body. These days Jamuns can be available easily at every place in India.

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    Jamun fruit has always been beneficial for the diabetic patients if it is consumed regularly during the rainy season when the same is available in plenty. Its sweet and astringent taste becomes more palatable when we sprinkle the black pepper powder over it. Apart from the diabetic patient, it can also beneficial to the patients suffering from high blood pressure. Care has to be taken not to consume the same in the empty stomach.
    The benefits could be even derived from its seeds if the same is dried sufficiently and crushed to powder form and is to be taken one tea spoon twice morning and evening to reap its sugar control effects.It can be preserved for a long time if adequate care is taken. Many Ayurvedic Pharmacies prepare the same for the benefits of the common people to contain the sugar levels. It can even enhance our immune system due to presence of high level of vitamin C.

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