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    Pepper rasam best to beat throat infection and nagging cough

    These days we are most worried about the sneezing and the cough and that can be kept at bay with having Milagu rasam or pepper rasam. Pepper has the lasting effect on the throat infections and nagging cough and we can feel the immediate relief for sure. In every South Indian homes we prepare Sambar, rasam and vegetable curry for sure and the rasam can be either dal rasam or the pepper rasam. In our homes at least thrice in a week this pepper rasam is made and it would be very soothing to drink as the tastes so good.
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    Black pepper has the innumerable benefits on our body eliminating cough,cold, sneezing, strengthening digestion and can shed excess weight. In south, pepper rasam is prepared in their homes to enjoy this delicacy on regular basis to reap its benefits. It is prepared in such a way that we get all the health benefits out of it if included in our drink. It contains a lot of constituents such as calcium, potassium, magnesium etc which offers us health benefits in many ways. We can enjoy this drink at least thrice a week in Rainy Reason to eliminate the seasonal diseases common during this season.

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    Black pepper is traditionally used in our households for prevention of cold and it is quite effective also. This item is used in many Ayurvedic preparations along with other materials and herbs. This goes well in combination of ginger and cardamom from taste point of view and is used in this particular combination in many Indian dishes. Rasam is one such simple dish where ginger and black pepper are used with tomato for preparing a very delicious soup which has many health benefits and it helps in controlling the attack of cold, cough, and sneezing very effectively. Many people like a bowl of hot Rasam along their food. In Indian households many mothers prepare this for any member of the family suffering from any such ailment. This is one of the home remedies often given to the children.
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    Black Pepper powder is a good remedy for cough and cold. We have to mix this black pepper powder in milk and then boil the mixture. Then we can add a little honey and turmeric powder. This drink will be very good for cough and cold. The same will boost our immunity. Cough and cold will come down. We use this in our house whenever anybody is suffering from a cold and cough.
    As mentioned by the author pepper added rasam will be a good home remedy for cough and cold. We mix this rasam in cooked rice and eat. Sometimes we drink the same with glass also. Throat infection will come down if we take this rasam two times a day and for 3 or 4 days. But regularly using this rasam will be good and you will be free from cold and cough.
    Like this, there are many home remedies that will help us in curing many health issues. But these days many people even don't know what is the advantage of these home remedies.

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    I regularly take rasam in my meals that include so many spices like black pepper, jeera, turmeric, tamarind, dhaniya, mustard, methulu, curry leaves in powdered form. All these ingredients have ayurvedic medicinal values. In addition to this we are using special tea made with pepper powder or cloves powder or ginger paste or Sonti powder or elachi powder mixed differently on daily basis since the beginning of covid to provide some immunity to the body.

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    Pepper Rasam is a change in normal times and an essential, tasty one when we are suffering from fever ,cold etc. When having fever or some similar illness we lose taste and appetite. At that time pepper Raam stimulates our taste buds and the combination of 'Kanji' with pepper Rasam and 'paruppu thuvayal' are the most tastiest menu one can have.(Paruppu thuvayal is a chutney ground with green gram dal, pepper, a little coconut and salt. This is specially give for small children as well as those suffering from illness and to avoid spicy foods)

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