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    Why not Nitin Gadkari?

    Unlike Modi, Mr. Nitin Gadkari seems to be a more measured person with rather broad-minded view of everything. He is frank, his English is good and there does not seem to be any corruption charge against him.

    Mr. Modi has failed miserably to provide any solution to any problem. His popularity ratings have dipped to a new low. Even a disaster like Yogi of UP, we are made to believe, is not obeying him. In these circumstances, why not the BJP dump Modi and give Nitin Gadkari a chance to become the big face of the BJP.

    However hard they may try, the die-hard supporters of the BJP, including many Members here, know how badly he managed the Covid situation. The BJP is now cracking and it needs a good course correction. Why not give Mr. Gadkari a chance?
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    Who should lead the party in centre is the internal matter of the bjp. There is always a faction within a group which has differences against the leading group. The same is applied to political parties. Since the beginning a small faction of bjp was against the selection of Modiji when his name was proposed but he was elected by major part of the party. Late Sushma Swaraj was one of the dissenters who openly opposed the name of Modiji. But it happens when you are electing someone for the office of C.M./P.M.
    Several leaders like Gadkari, Rajnath Singh etc may be looking for this opportunity what you have proposed. It is not possible till Modiji has majority of party leaders with him.
    Now, political scenario is changing. Some of the political analysts are of opinion that image of Modiji has been affected after the west Bengal election and now it is being said that bjp has problems in Uttrakhand, M.P. Karnataka, Tripura, Gujarat, West Bengal, Rajasthan and U.P.

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    Nitin Gadkari is a very good leader. No doubt about it. All good leaders will not get the chance to become PM. Pranab Mukherjee was a very good leader. But he was never made even though many people supported him. His party high command never proposed his name. That is the internal matter of that party. The same is the case with Nitin. His party may consider his name at an appropriate time or may not consider it. The elected MPs from BJP elected Modi as PM. Next time they may go for Nitin. Who knows?
    In India, there is no chance to elect directly their PM. MPs of the majority party will select him. So we have to wait and see only. As mentioned by the author if there is such an opposition within the party against Modi, they can change the leader and elect the new PM.

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    I am wondering,

    Why not Rahul Gandhi?

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    May I remind the author that Mr. Nitin Gadkari belongs to RSS ideology.

    Does the author still intends Mr. Nitin Gadkari to replace PM Modi? What will happen to secularism fabric of our nation then?

    And what are his achievments? Can the author count few in this thread because being the head of Ministry of Road Transport Highways & Shipping he did not seem to have done anything.

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    The author doesn't think well and has a wrong perception about BJP leadership. As long as Mr. Modi is alive, no one else from the BJP will occupy the PM's chair.
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    Our SuN Sir is one bhaktha who will not even agree that we need a change. Someone who has already lost credibility can become a big liability. Is there none other than the currrent man in that party? If yes, it is a shame.

    May be, there are others. May be, there are still some intellectuals like Mr. Arun Shorie, who are not being recognised. We need qualified and brilliant leaders. We do not want leaders who talk so big and make petrol sell at Rs100 per litre.

    The present CM of Tamil Nadu, Dr. Palanivel has come out with superb statistics that indicate that corporate taxes are down. That is why the great PM and his rather off-focus economic advisors are fleecing the common man. SuN Sir, what answer do you have for the Rs63 odd rupees that you and I pay for a liter of petrol? And do you know what little of this goes to the States?

    And you have a FM who never opens her mouth as if she is always doing meditation.

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    Sorry. Dr. Palanivel Thiagarajan is now the FM of Tamil Nadu.

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    Mr Modi ha been very popular within his party and any erosion of his name due to the present crisis of corona where the prices are jumping on and even there is spiral of petroleum products beyond our imagination could erode his image further within the party circle.
    May be he is taking interest in collecting the money from the different sources such as GST, Income Tax, raising the prices of petroleum products to use the same for the relief of common men by way of ration distribution and LPG gas to the poor consumers.
    His graph of popularity is varying from place to place, state to state but one thing is common - he is very much popular with the villagers where they are enjoying goodies offered by the present government. Let the position improve and then we have to see how his popularity graph is functioning.

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    Mr ABS is an anti-BJP guy who runs behind Modi to find faults. We all should be happy that our government is doing its best, despite the corona waves. All are not hatred of Modi. This is not the time to talk ill about the top leaders who don't rest and sleep, but worry about the 135 crores of population. It is not easy to manage. Modi has distributed free rice to every individual of the family of the ration card holders. I too have received 5 Kgs of rice that can be eaten for 50 days.
    Just compare the price of 5 Kgs rice ( approx 30 x 5 = Rs.150) and compare it with an ordinary person using his moped with 10 litres of petrol per month). His fuelcost is reduced by Rs.15/-) 100 -.15 = Rs. 85/-. Let us be happy. Don't be unhappy with Modi.

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    The BJP and RSS combine is heavily dependent on the halo-like image built around Modiji. Without him, the government may not sustain. No experiments will be made by them as they came to power based on the image created around Modiji. There is no doubt that Modiji failed in all aspects of governance which of course will be vehemently denied by the supporters. The BJP cannot accept their failure because that will be their end. People can be fooled for some time but not for long.
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    If the BJP party feels that there is a need of change of leadership in the party they might take a decision of that nature but before that they will have to examine the reasons and need for doing that. They cannot do it just based on some whims and fancies. There are consequences and repercussions of such big decisions and it has to be perfectly worked out and prudently carried out. We sometimes jump to the alternatives and options at hand but any such calculation is to be based on the judgement and considering the complete political scenario in the country.
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    Politics is a topic that has no end but at the same time, it has no clarity about the future of parties. We are the ones who choose our leaders first and that again we are the ones who criticize them. I am not denying that leaders are no working as they should do but do we really think all these before voting or choosing a leader. I think in our country we have little choice, a choice to choose between bad or worse and then we choose bad one because it is still better than worse but after some time that bad converts into the worse and again we have no choice. There is a need for a big change in politics, that change seems to be a revolution. I agree that these days the popularity and fan following of Modi is falling down but on the other hand we can see large numbers of the population who still want to see him at the top of the country. I don't feel like anyone whether he is Nitin Gadkari or Rahul Gandhi is able to replace Mr. Modi.

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