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    We need more objectivity in our lives

    Slowly by gradually, a vast section of the media is singing a narrative that the country is in real danger, the only person who is capable of preventing the country from decay is the sole leader, who is totally in-charge and so on.

    Naturally, every single person who does not agree to this view, does come out with the most frank assessment of the situation, speaking on the basis of hard facts, and statistics. For example, the simple naked truth that can never be hidden is that hundreds of thousands of families have been destroyed due to Covid. A particular CM of the ruling party in a particular BIMARU State had the guts to openly declare that if he asked for oxygen, he would be put behind bars!!

    If we remain quiet on such atrocities happening all around us, we will lose all objectivity, we will become mere "yes-men" or " yes-women" of someone and the entire principle of objectivity will be totally lost.
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    What main stream media is propagating will remain in obscurity if you discard it. I dont watch news channels, however, I watch selected clip of a few news channels on YouTube . A large number of people may reject your views but many wil applaud you for your views.
    India is a big country and everybody has equal value of vote, present government has stronghold in northern half of india and mainly northern states send more MPs to parliament than southern part, perhaps this is why northern leaders have supremacy in politics. It is obvious that major part of south indian people dont like bjp but it doesn't affect bjp unless northern part of the country go against bjp.

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    Pls read "unless northern part of the country goes against bjp"

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    We need objectivity in our life. No second opinion. But the objectivity should help us in some way or another. Some people will keep an object in their mind and their objectivity will blame the object in their mind. Again this is not a correct trait. we should accept good things even though they are from our enemies. We should reject bad things even though they are from our friends. How many will do this?
    The Statement made by the CM should be read in full. Then only we will understand in which context, he uttered these words. Taking a sentence from the entire comments and making a statement is not correct. If the elected CM is not performing well definitely in the next election his party will be out of power. We have seen this many times.

    always confident

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