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    What are the major rivers that flow through your state?

    My native state is Andhra Pradesh. AP is one of the state is having longest coastal line to Gujarat and it is second rank in this aspect next to Gujarat. Two major rivers, the river Godavari and the river Krishna covers the entire coastal line of AP. So due to this, the coastal belt of lands are highly fertile and supports all kinds of crops especially rice. Due to this facility of water for irrigation, AP is known to be 'Annapoorna' of India. Presently, the ongoing Polavaram national project that built across the River Godavari will provide water to lakhs of acres of fields and drinking water to people of AP. In addition to these two major rivers, Kaveri, Tungabhadra, Vamsadhara, Penna, Vedavathi, Suvarnamukhi to smaller locations of AP. The region where I am residing will get water from the river Krishna. What about your facilities through rivers in your residing states.
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    I was born and brought up in the East Godavari Dt., of Andhra Pradesh. After my education in AP, I started my career in Telanagana and settled in Telangana. Now I am in Telangana and I am a resident of that Stated. My both sons are local of Telangana. The rivers that flow in both these states are Godavari and Krishna. My native place in East Godavari Dt of AP is just on the river bed of Godavari. I have a special attachment to the Godavari. When I heard that the government of AP is planning to form new districts and in that process, this district will become three districts. No district will be there with that name, I felt a little sad.
    The other important river that is passing through these two states is the Krishna river. In Hyderabad, we get Krishna water supply and we drink that water only. Of course, after passing that water through the RO water machine. Tungabhadra is another river that is passing through these two states. These rivers made many lands in these states very fertile.

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    In Telangana the major river source is Krishna and that is flown through the Nagarjuna Sagar dam in the border of both state ie Telangana and AP. The twin cities of Hyderabad gets the drinking water from the Krishna river for alternate days. We also gets Manjeera which is the tributery of Godavari from Maharastra. Apart from that we have drinking water lakes like Gandipet and Osmansagar through which different parts of twincities are catered. One thing is sure In many state big rivers are flowing and gathering into the ocean and the flow is wasted and not tapped. But there are many states without major river and the water woes are more. As late President Abdul Kalam suggested the linking of rivers across the country should be the major project the present government should take up to mitigate the wates woes for every citizen across the country.
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    A nice thread has been raised by the author, I love to know about the different geographical reasons of India, and this thread will help me to gain more knowledge about rivers of different states.

    I am from Madhya Pradesh, and this state is also known as a " Mayka of Rivers", many rivers originated and flowing in MP. The longest river is the Narmada River, it has much importance, economically, spiritually, socially, etc, it originated from Amarkantak and then flowing from different cities of MP., it has 41 tributary rivers, 21 from right and 20 from the left side. Apart from Narmada, Chambal, Shipra, Ben Ganga, Son river, Kali Sindh, Bargi, Betava, Parvati, Johilaa many more rivers are flowing here. IF we count them it's approximately more than 200 rivers.

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    I belong to U.P. Many rivers flow through our state. Some of them originate here but mostly come from other states. The- Ganga, Yamuna, Gomti, Ramganga, Saryu and other rivers flow. The Ganga flows about 7 k.m. away from our town. When the monsoon comes, all the rivers change into the sea. The Ganga brings floods in nearby villages and all those villagers are given shelter in our town by the local administration.
    Once a river named Mahava river would flow through our town but a long time ago it lost its existence because a dam was built.

    It is not important how many rivers flow in our state, the important thing is why these rivers are so much polluted. Who polluted them? None but us.

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