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    Do you know and use Sonti powder?

    Sonti powder is made from dried ginger. There is lot of process in making dried ginger. These dried ginger will be sold in kirana shops, ayurvedic shops or even in online markets. To prepare Soni powder, the dried ginger is fried with little ghee till it good smell. Then this fried ginger is grounded into fine powder and a little salt is added to it and that is actually known as Sonti powder. Nowadays ready-made Sonti powder packets are sold in online shops. From ancient times our parents and fore-parents are using it to provide health to the body. A spoon full of it is mixed with rice and ghee to be eaten along with the meals. Sonti speed-up body metabolism, decrease fat content of the body, improve digestion process, helps to avoid cold and cough, improve appetite, prevents indigestion. Ancient believed that Sonti powder is an ayurvedic medicine that can relieve from all diseases.
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    Shunti is the Sanskrit name of Ginger. In other Indian languages also there is an equivalent similar word for Ginger viz, Sint, Soont, Sont, Sunth etc. Along with that there are common used words like Inji, Inji, Enchi, Adrak,. Sunt is mostly used for the dried variety.

    Sunt /Sont or dried Ginger is an essential and unavoidable ingredient in almost all the Ayurvedic Arishta or Kashaya. There is a saying in Malaylam " Chukkillaatha Kashaayam Illa'- there is no Kashaayam without Ginger. (Kashaayam is medicinal decoction or Kwath)

    Dried Ginger is very good in relieving inflammation. Hence it is effective in respiratory diseases, weight reduction and many other infections and inflammations.
    Ginger-mainly as dried ginger only- is traded as a spice and food ingredient for Masalas. It is mostly sold by vegetable vendors.used along with. Kerala was and still is a center for domestic trade and export trade on Dried Ginger.
    At home as it is used in small quantities, Ginger powder can be ground from dried ginger bought or even made at home by sun drying raw ginger after peeling the outer skin.

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    Sonti is nothing but dried ginger. This is used in many Ayurvedic formulations. It is very good to bring down problems related to digestion. When we feel indigestion. if we take some powder of this Sonti and mix it with rice and a little ghee and eat, the problem will subside. We should start our food with this item only. Then the problem will come down.
    In the olden days, if any person is having a fever, the doctors used to advise them not to eat anything and they should take only liquids. After the fever, only the patient is allowed to eat food and he should eat the rice mixed with Sonti powder and ghee. Regular consumption may bring down the cholesterol content in the body and we will lose weight also. This is good for pregnant ladies also. Blood sugar will come down and Inflammation will also be reduced with this.

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    In South India the use of Sonti has more importance and must in the kitchen for being used in tea and also if the paste of sonti is smeared on the forehead the head ache would go in seconds. India Ayurveda has the rich taste, and uses and our house holds are using the same as part of the family legacy followed in the kitchen. Durling Deepavali we make a lehiyam or the paste which is good for health as we are supposed to eat sweet and kara from various persons who keep on sending us the sweets and keep us in good health this sonti is the one of the 14 ingredients used to make that Deepavali paste.
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    I never buy Sonti powder that the author referred but yes I have used many other powders that are used to making tea and it also includes ginger powder. Ginger is the most common medicinal item that is used in most families of the country. We all aware with its benefits, especially in the winter, tea is not imagined without ginger or its powder. For this what we do is that we buy a large amount of ginger and then peel it, grind it and dry it and pack it in a box. Use this powder whenever needed. But surely I will try Sonti Powder also in next time.

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    Shunti or sonti (sukku in Tamil) is dry ginger powder. If we keep this powder for days, the power would got reduced. Instead we can get the dry ginger from grocery shops or country medicine shops, and got powdered whenever necessary.
    The dry ginger is very effective for our health (it is not new as revealed after the corona issue) since many decades this is in vogue. There is a saying in Tamil,'sukkukku minjina marunthum illai subramaniyanukku minjina kadavulum illai' which means there is no equivalent medicine over sukku and no equivalent God over Lord subramanya.
    * For indigestion, a spoon full of dry ginger powder can be consumed for best result
    ** For severe head ache, dry ginger can be grinded smooth over the rough floor with some hot water and that paste can be applied on forehead fully. After taking an half an hour rest the head ache will got vanished.
    *** For knee pain or muscles pain paste made of dry ginger powder can be applied over the paining area.
    **** For body pain and fever out of body pain or severe hard work: Take the powder of dry ginger two spoon, one spoon of powdered pepper, boil in hot water and this can be consumed by adding sugar or honey (if needed)
    Above all,(it is not marketing)a powder made out of this called 'ANJAL' powder - made from Madurai, Tamilnadu since last 100 years, which is available normally in all grocery/country medicine shops is good enough for all body pains, stomach disorders etc.,

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    I do not use it but from the description given in the thread, I understood that it has various benefits. Ginger has a lot of medicinal properties and since Sonti powder is made from dried ginger it possesses many of those properties. I feel it is always better to make such preparations at home rather than purchasing it from outside. Whenever such natural ingredients are sold in packets as a brand some other ingredients are mixed in it that can make it less effective. Though it's my personal opinion.

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