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    Influenced by others right or wrong?

    When we watch the interview of a famous personality or when we get information about them through some medium, many times a curiosity comes to our mind that when they can do it, why can't we. As a result of this curiosity, some people decide in a very short time that now we too will do something different in life like that personality and make our identity. But is it right to be influenced by every person in this way, even then they do not know the whole situation of their life? How can a person understand when should be influenced by someone and when not?
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    We do get bowled and even infleunced through the acts of others and that may be our wholesome following of their traits and actions and that does mean we should make them our mentor or the icon to follow. Be it hair style, clothes or even foot wear, we shall be closely observing our heros and heroines and want to imitate them. Unfortunately what I have seen that some clothes are designed in such a way, we cannot wear the same and go out for obvious reasons. The actors are bound to make fashion statement to create a trend. When we are studying in 10th , there was a bell bottom pant fashion introduced by Amitabh and other actors. When we approached our tailor for the same kind of stitching, he laughed at us and said that we cannot have such fashions which is for time being and not followed by actor himself later. Probably that was right.
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    There is nothing wrong with getting influenced. When we see a great person we will definitely get influenced by them. When I was doing high school, my father's cousin brother was working in a big concern as General Manager came to our house. After seeing him I got influenced and I decided to choose the same path and I did it. I never regretted taking him as a role model.
    But we should not get influenced by people who are having unwanted habits. If we get influenced by such persons and we get into such habits, our life will get spoiled. So we should be very careful in that aspect. One of my distinct relatives was working in revenue department. He was having a boss who is an alcohol addict. This man got influenced by him and started drinking day and night. He came to such a position that he can stand without drinking alcohol daily.

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    Many things have an influence on our behaviour and they can help us to progress in many ways. If we think of childhood we will find that many of our actions are influenced by the activities of our parents. If we look at various cultures and traditions throughout the world we will find many have influenced others to develop further. Be it the storyline of movies or music their creation many have some influences over the other. We are influenced by something when we are moved by it and that is quite natural. You cannot be influenced by every person but you will be influenced by that particular person whom you consider your icon or role model. On this platform, every member is contributing and you may find one of their styles of writing is influenced by a renowned author. This influence and emotion cannot be mixed. Your activities can be influenced by someone whom you like very much and unknowingly your actions may be controlled by that person. That is because of a strong emotional attachment with that person which can create a lot of problems if not controlled in time.

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    Everybody has some special qualities which impress other people and we are also raised in this environment where iconisation is commonly practised. Since our childhood, we start being impressed by others. They may be our parents, our elder brothers, uncles, teachers or any celebrity. We emulate him/them and try to lookee-likee them from all aspects. But this emulation comes to an end when maturity is attained. However, we can learn some good lesson from successful people and their lives may inspire us to become successful like them. We can count how many people have impressed us so far but we dont know how many people have been impressed by us. There must be many people who like you or follow you or emulate you or have made you their icon.
    We should take what is good in other people and we should leave what is bad in them. Even small children may give us great teachings.

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    Imitation of certain personalities is not bad if they are the good orators, have proficiencies in certain trades and following them will certainly benefit us. If the positive qualities of such people are implemented for the betterment of our projects, it could result in improved output. To that extent, imitation is not bad.
    However, we need to be careful in the sense that we should not copy their bad habits which the might have such heavy drinking or taking some drugs. It is the human nature to imitate the bad behaviour instantaneously but at the same time, it would be difficult to copy his fluent command in any language.

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