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    Isn't divorce a big issue in today's society?

    The word divorce itself is probably carrying negativity, so the effect of this word has been negative in society as well, but at present, the situation is changing a lot. Marriage is an important decision and it is taken thoughtfully but sometimes it turns out to be wrong for many people. In earlier times people used to live their lives making more compromises but today the situation is somewhat different. Today, along with the children, their parents also do not want their children to live a life of compromise. Although no person wants to break a relationship like marriage, sometimes the situation comes in such a way that the relationship ends. Divorce has as much effect on the husband and wife as it is on the children too. If we see abroad, then the word divorce is not a big issue among children because it is normal but in our country, the situation is not like this yet. But as the cases of divorces are increasing, there may be a change in the mindset of the children as well. But will all this have an effect on the future relationships of the children as well?
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    Rightly said by the author, as gone are the days when the divorce was the big issue and both the sides would approach the family court seek settlement at the earliest. Now both the husband and wife are educated and are engaging well knowledgeable lawyers to fight their case and the divorce seeking women is so confident enough to lead the life even without the compensation for divorce because she is earning. I know a divorce women who is the govt employee and even got the maintanence amount for the son and she is living happy with the parents by giving them the rent they want. But not all divorcee would be so lucky and they have to seek maintanence amount. Most of the family courts are not settling the issue and wants a compromise formula to work out and giving the order of divorce and that is why many wants out of court settlements.
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    When there are two brains, there will be different opinions. As long as these two discuss with harmony and come to an agreement without any ego the two can go together. Otherwise, there will be a break. The same is the case with wife and husband also.
    In the olden days, ladies used to be within the four walls and simply obeying the orders of her husband. She will be never consulted for any issue and she will be informed and instructed. Even then there are no divorces mainly due to their economic dependence.
    But days changed, Now ladies and gents are treated equally. There is no dependency. So one-sided dealings are not accepted. We also should change accordingly. It all depends on our priorities. Whatever may be the case if the two wants to remain together, they will get adjusted. Otherwise, divorces will become more and more.

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    Divorce is a social issue. If spouses can not live together as a couple they separate from each other. But divorce is not a welcome or happy social activity. It denotes negative connotations. No religion or society likes divorce but sometimes, it becomes inevitable for a couple to go for this last step.
    Generally, divorce occurs in educated and rich families. When the ego of both husband and wife or two families clash with each other then they opt for separation.
    The worst thing our society is facing is that marriage which has been in practice for ages is losing its importance. It is becoming irrelevant to the present social environment, mainly, subject to the effect of western society.

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