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    On this world music day which language song do you prefer ?

    For me I like the old Tamil songs which has the great music value and the lyrics that can influence our life as the songs are wrote on personal experience of the lyricist and that immediately connected to the ongoing life traits. Likewise I also like the old Hindi songs and Old Telugu songs for the melodies and great music value. Unfortunately I am not able to connect to the new songs being churned out by Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and other languages, as the music is loud, the lyrics value is nil or nothing and more double meaning. How about your liking for the song on this World Music day?
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    Today is world music day. We have a WhatsApp group in which all my friends in our native place. So all the members in this group posted either poem read by them or songs sung by them. I also read two poems and posted them on that group. A lot of activity in that group today.
    There is no language for music. Music is common in all languages. If the tune is good we can enjoy the song irrespective of the language in which it is written. An animal will also understand the music and dance accordingly. It may not know the meaning but it will enjoy the tune.
    Personally, I enjoy the songs written in my mother tongue that is Telugu. If we know the meaning of the words we will enjoy the song very well. Even though I understand English and Hindi songs I always prefer Telugu songs especially light music and Karnatic music. But I hear Tamil and Kannada songs also once in a while.

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    Music does not compulsorily need a language. It is mostly the tune and rhythm and the mood that attracts us. Sometimes while on travel we get to hear some music the lyrics and language we may not know. But still if it attracted us, we will be simply humming it throughout the journey and afterwards also. Many times with that tune we ourselves use to create lyrics taking the reality contexts, like questioning someone, answering some query, chiding some one etc. So it is clear that language is not a must for enjoying music. There is no language in the percussion instruments. Most lullabies do not have language. They are jus humming tunes or just a few syllables. But the child gets attached to that.

    But it will be always easy and added benefit to enjoy the music with its meaning and feel if we know the language also. Then it is easy to learn and byheart the song. In that regard I like songs in Malayalam, Tamil,and Hindi more.
    Mostly I like the melodies and those which are semi-classic. The fast ones and the beat-ones I like as a variation and change once in a while just as tasting pickle or salt after taking a few cups of kheer or dessert, just to reinvigorate the taste for next sweet dose.

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    Once I was crazy for music. I would purchase cassettes of all types of music but mostly Hindi and English. But now time has changed my likes and dislikes, however, I still hear music. Arijit Singh has impressed me a lot. He is the great singer of this modern age. I like soft music. I dont see old songs or new songs I just want to hear melodious songs.

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    I love music and I listen to music daily, if I talk about choice then obviously I like Hindi songs because Hindi is my mother tongue and I do not want to bother myself while listening to music. I also like some English songs but it depends on my mood and it happens ones in a week. Most of my choice of songs is depend on the lyrics, I also like music but the lyrics affected me more to choose a song as per the situation or mood. Mostly I prefer FM to listen to music as it has a variety of songs but also there are some of my favorite songs so I saved them in my mobile memory.

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    Today being the world music day, I am highly pleased since I would like to hear Rabindra Sangita though I don't belong to this culture but with my little familiarity with the tunes and the ways how the songs are sung by the different singers attract me to a great extent. In Hindi Films also, old songs sung by Pradeep, Lata, Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar and Manna Dey are superb. If you listen the old songs of Hindi Films, you would even forget taking your lunch because of its high contents in terms of music and contents.

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    Today is Music Day. Actually says music has no language. Any language music can be listened even we do not know the language. Even today many Tamil people likes Hindi Music and other language musics. Carnatic Musicians irrespective of language do song kritis of Telugu especially Saint Thyagaraya.
    My friend who is a retired Judge of Tamil Nadu once took me to Mysore Datta Peetam on the way of our legal work in Bangalore. There we heard the speech of Holi Shri Ganapathi Sachtananda Swamigal for 45 minutes. Though we do not know Kannada language, in which Swamigal delivered His speech, we understand what was his communication. Holi Shri Ganapathi Sachtananda Swamigal of Mysore Datta Peetam made a research on Healing through Music. He released many albums on this.
    Recently I read Sudha Ragunathan Madam, a famous Tamil Carnatic Musician started a project on 'Healing through Music'.

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    There is no language for music. As rightly said by my friend, it is only the Rhythm tune and beat. we can say that the sound SA RE GA MA PA DA NI (7 swarams) are the language of music without which no Raga can be formed.

    I love songs in which the name of any musical instrument in Tamil
    1. Thunbam Nergayil Yaazhisaithu Nee Inbam Serka Maattaayaa - Kanne (When I am in trouble, won't you play the violin and make it pleasant, O Girl)
    2. Veenai Kodiyudaiya Vendhane, Sangeetha Sow Bhakyame (O King who bears the Veena on his Flag)
    3. Singaara Punnagai Kannara Kandaale Sangeetha Veenaiyum Ethukamma (When we can see the beautiful smile, why should we have a Musical instrument Veena)

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    Generally, people enjoy and like the songs in their own languages because of the fact that the real enjoyment comes when people understand the lyrics of the song. If it is only the music part and no lyric is there then the story would be different as there are many music pieces in the world which are very pleasant to our ears. Many people hear regularly the other countries music tracks and enjoy it and dance with it. When it is the music with lyrics, I like it in my mother tongue only but in the other cases that is only music I have fancy for so many of them from different places.
    Knowledge is power.

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