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    Aim at meaningful life that could be very simple

    We have to swim along and not against the tide goes the old saying. And that is very much relevant to our lives as we have to live within the parameters of what is in hand and should not aim at those things which are out of reach nor required. Even with bare minimum needs the life can be simple and going and that would be free from any worrisome. A poor man in the hut has the nice sleep during the night because he has forgone all the comforts and decided to live a meaningful life simpler than ever before and thus he seems to be more happy than us.
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    It is said that cut your dress according to your cloth (jitni chadar ho utne per Pasaro). This proverb maintains check and balance in one's life. We should keep our expenses within our income, moreover, thinking about some savings should also be taken care of.
    Nobody is happy in his/her life because we forget about check and balance. We want more and more, our desires never come to an end. This is the point that creates problems for people. If you don't do physical work you can never experience hunger and sleep. When you feel extreme hunger because of toil and moil and feel extreme sleep that you can fall anywhere for sweet dreams give an amazing experience.

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    The author is right to some extend, sacrifice is very helpful in making life easy, that's right, but is it as easy to give up as we realize. I believe that when we have fewer facilities then maybe we are not aware of their habit and hence we can keep away from them but once we get the facilities then it is not that easy for a normal human being to discard them. A poor person has no idea about a life of a rich person so it is very easy for him to ignore their life. A sage or a sannyasi makes his life great only by sacrifice, a person involved in the household can make his goals easy, for this, he has to become very strong. Yes, it is true that we should spend the obstacles or difficult times in our goal peacefully in such a way that a straw keeps himself calm in the flow of the river and goes to the river. Sometimes the choice of the goal is what decides whether your life will be easy or easy.

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    One should understand his/ her capabilities. We should always work within that levels only. We can't go to a big house when we have a small amount only. So whenever a need arises we should see whether we can go for that or we can adjust without going for that.
    A rich man can waste his money on any luxury. But an ordinary man can't. Sometimes when we see somebody living lavishly, we will think that we should also live like that. But immediately we should come back to realities and decide what we can.
    In our village, there was a family. They used to stay in a house next to a rich man's house. They used to live like a very rich family comparing the way of living of the rich man. To live like that they started selling their assests. In a few years, they spent all the money and finally, they sold their house also and left the village.

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    Being content with what we have and leading a decent life is the take of many.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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