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    Sustainable use of human body

    We all always focus on sustainable development for the protection of natural resources but in all this, we forget one of the most important resources which also needs to be maintained and that is the human body. With an increase in competitiveness in the modern world, most people are exploiting their health in order to lead a successful life, like working late at night, not taking proper diets. But they always forget that this "life" should be a priority as without it what we would do with our success? The health of youngsters is deteriorating day by day, I am surprised to see that more than half of my classmates are wearing spectacles and they always see it as a trend. Obesity and even diseases like diabetes are also common at such an early age. But still, we are not understanding that how much this health is important. It's true that we all are mortal, but before death, if we want to live our life to the fullest then health should be a priority because if primary means(human body) is not there then what's the usage of other secondary needs(material gains). So it's high time to discuss the human body with sustainable development as it is also a resource.
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    The human body is very important and it is to be maintained well. Health problems will come to the body only and we feel sick if we are not able to maintain the body correctly. So as long as we are on this earth we should maintain our body in condition These days are very bad. Any ill health is causing a lot of expenses and even after spending, we are not sure whether we will be alright. So we have to maintain our body properly and see that it will be in fit condition always. This body is prone to disease and at any moment it may become inactive and get spoiled. So do yoga, walk and perform some exercises and see that the body is in good health. You are only responsible for your body and you will only suffer if the body is not in a good position. Many people neglect this and will not give it importance. This will make them suffer a lot.
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    God has created this wonderful life and we and gave us this good body and each one part has the great reason and great ability to work and gain. Two eyes are the most beautiful creation, through which we appeciate the others and also the natue. The nose gives us the ability to smell good and also expects good smell. The mouth is used for tasting, speaking and also maintain the good relations as the mouth is one of the part through which we give a smile. Likewise every part of the body is used and as suggested by the author there must be sustained use of the same otherwise the health issues are for sure.
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    Nice suggestion is given by the author, I too agree that today most people talk about sustainable development in every field but rarely talk about sustainable development of the human body. We have gifted by this universe in the form of human life and our life exists because we have this body, without a body we are nothing. Our emotions, intelligence, desires all are part of our life and exist because of this body so our first duty is towards this body, but we do just opposites because we give priority to our emotions than our body and unknowingly we harm it. We should definitely use our bodies in a sustainable way.

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    Many people neglect their bodies in pursuit of a successful career and later they have nothing left except repenting on there ways. Health is an important thing for all of us and it is considered as the most important matter in our life as nothing matters when there is no good health. It is imperative that we have to take care of our health in the same way as we are concerned for so many other things in our lives. For keeping a good health the basic discipline and care is required and that is the toughest part for many of us to follow. But seeing the importance of the health in our lives, we cannot ignore that.
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    Human resource is more important than natural resources. This is the human that exploits natural resource and explores new dimensions. I agree with the author that we should take care of health. When we should work, how much work we should do and how much rest and sound sleep we require to refresh our body and refill it with fresh energy and spirit.
    If our health is not good we can't work properly and also we can't enjoy our lives. A healthy person enjoys his life to the fullest. If a person is suffering from any disease e.g. diabetes he will have to follow the suggestions of a doctor and he is refrained from consuming several things. So health is a great gift of God. We should take care of it. The author has written about his classmates who wear spectacles their eyes are not as healthy as of author's are. I think they should take care of their health.

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