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    Either you enjoy yourself, or someone around you.

    Being happy or making someone else happy is both a good idea and it is wise to make your own choice when you get the most satisfaction. Many times people think that when we make ourselves happy then we will be satisfied but it is not so, some people feel more satisfied by making others happy. So now the question is whether to be happy or make others happy?

    Your whole life goes on like this and maybe you never understand whether you really live a happy life or not, don't wait for the dilemma of last moment's, first choice for this, and if your choice is your own happiness then also not a bad thing, but then you have to make yourself strong because sometimes your own happiness is becoming the trouble of others. If your choice is the happiness of others, then you are going to be in the category of great personality, but the strength of the mind and emotions will have to be adopted here as well.
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    Being happy and making others happy is always good and at the same time, we need to remember that this happiness should not depend on our level of satisfaction. You have set some terms and conditions for your satisfaction and only if they met you will be satisfied and happy. In that case, when such conditions go away you will not be satisfied and the state of happiness will not be there. We keep on searching for happiness and many people remain unhappy because they do not find it. Happiness is the state of your mind and if this state is dependent on somebody else or some materials then it will not last. We need to practise being happy all the time irrespective of what others say or do to us.

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    Making others happy is the good thing as it itself bring happiness in us. Other's happiness is our happiness. This thought if comes in one, it automatically removes the selfishness and ego. We should understand others otherwise it becomes domination. If we looks others with happy through our effort there is no value for that to measure. I was having a friend in my school days, named Karthikeyan, who talks to all students very jovially and almost all students in the class liked to spend time with him. His face seemed always with smile. After our schooling one day I met him in the street where his house was situated. After some thought only he took me in to his house. I shocked to see that he lived in that house with his father and step mother as he lost his mother. In spite of his careless step mother, he kept his face with smile. I without controlling myself asked him about this as how could it be possible, he replied,'Ram, I do not want others saddened with my sadden face, it is my fate in the house but my outer world is brighter to me'.

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    While many want to be happy rather than keeping others happy. By being happy means content with all respects. Like money, material and power. But there are people who has every thing at the disposal yet they are not happy because they do not know the definition of happy and keeping others happy. You can always see a glow on the face of those who help others and derive lots of mental satisfaction in themselves. They may reach out with physical help, helping with some funds, or helping through some materials. But keeping others happy even through cutting jokes and making gestures is also the great trait. There are people who has the niche to keep others happy and they are called the commediens. That is the reason being so the role of commedy in television serials and cinema has become important for a break after serious scenes.
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    Happiness is a relative term and that depends on the state of the mind of the individual. One should try to learn to live happily with whatever they have. An individual may be happy if he has food enough for that day. Another person may not be happy even though he is having crores of rupees with him. So to be happy or not to be happy is the choice of the individual. Instead of thinking that we will make others happy, we should see that they will not get hurt because of us. That is more than enough I feel.
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    A good thought presented by the author in this thread. If someone can remain happy and makes others also happy then it is definitely a great quality. Very few people have that type of quality and mindset. Generally, kind hearted and helping natured people would have this unique trait of spreading happiness around them. Such people are highly respected in the friend circle and society. They are welcome at every place because of their nice nature which brings happiness everywhere. It is also true that such people are very positive in their outlook.
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    In an old Tamil movie- Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban- the late M G Ramachandran character sings a song" Sirithu vaazha vendum ,pirar sirikka vaazhndidaathe..." which means that one should live always smiling and laughing, but never to be a laughing stock for others.
    I liked that very much. Yes, we need to be always happy and bubbling with energy. Our good actions and talks should make others happy and inspire them. But we should never be considered silly and a subject of mockery . We should not make others happy by making ourselves a matter of mocking.

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