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    The real purpose of school activities must be fulfilled.

    If I talk about my school days, the activities or assignments given to us in schools are very easy, most of the activities were given according to the level of the students. Maybe before that their level was easier and maybe there was a time when such activities were not given at all. But at present, the level of education has changed according to the time and also the pattern. These days most schools are given very difficult assignments, and children need the help of others for these activities or assignments. Many times I have seen that parents get the project made from the shops and then the children submit it to the school. When my niece was in 4th class, she was given a project to make an AC, which was a difficult task according to her age or class, and finally, we got that project made from a shop for Rs 600 and then submitted it to the school.

    Activities are a kind of practical knowledge and for this, it is necessary that the student himself should complete that task, but the current situation is telling something else because students are not getting practical knowledge by making projects from an outsider, my question is that, is the main purpose of these activities being fulfilled in this way?
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    No, the purpose is not fulfilled if your job is done by somebody else. Projects help students to gain more detailed knowledge about the subject. It mostly deals with the practical aspects and with proper guidance projects are always helpful. Now, if these projects become a cause of worry for the parents then I think there is something wrong somewhere. It is true that in many cases, teachers just assign the projects to the individuals and rather than helping them with the necessary guidance it becomes the responsibility of the parents to submit the projects on time. There are some projects that can be done individually but there are many which can be done in groups to make it more meaningful.

    One thing I am curious to know about is the project of making an AC by a student of class 4. Is it just making the structure of an air conditioning machine with cardboards or is it something related to demonstrating its working principle? Whatever it may be, the projects must suit the age and based on the subjects they learn and the important thing is who is executing the project. For this, proper evaluation should be there.


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    Many States in our country has a lacuna in the Teaching methodology. Primary School Students are burdened with subjects and syllabus rather than increasing their understanding levels. Many students are given perfect writing practices which leads a strong base on the subject over forthcoming years. In first standard itself the children are loaded with four to five subjects. Government, Education Institutions are not the major persons for this lacuna but the parents. They,parents, judges the capacity or grade of the schools by their subjects, syllabus, extra curriculum activities etc. rather the basic strength of the education. Mother Tongue and Communicative language (English) are the main issue to the learning aspirants in the starting level.
    A teacher in a Government School where my brother's daughter studying told once that the children should not boarded with home work etc., but making the parents to sit with them for their learning. The learning is not ends with the teacher but linked with the parents.

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    Many schools are not teaching as per the methods being sought and they are employing those teachers who fall short of expectations and thus the students are empowered with just bookish knowledge and no field expereince. Gone are the days when the students used to study beneath the tree and they would go to the fields to feel the greenery and the studies. But our students are stay put inside the class and they are explained through the video shoot and stills to which there is no deeper knowledge. The other day I saw small children from a nearby coming to the post office and meeting all the staff and getting to know how the post office works. Those children were from Primary section and the post office staff were courteous enough to explain everything to the understanding level of the tiny students. But that is the rarest of rare case.
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    When I was in school the projects which were given to us are very simple and that is almost from what we learn in that subject in that year. I still remember a project what was given to me. I have to collect some information about any one of the States in India and make a brief and submit it. Another project is the demonstration of a simple experiment that light travels in a straight line. I was able to do that with whatever resources available to me and I never disturbed my parents for that. But these days the assignments are different and some of them are not much useful also. But teachers force the students and students force their parents.
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    The relevance of the projects are justified if the basics of the same thing is understood fully by the students and can handle the project effectively with their own involvement. There should be a guide from the school administration to wipe out the doubts coming in their ways. If the assignment is done in that way, it could be advantageous to the students. If the project is tough and not matching to the standard of the students, it could not nurture the knowledge of the pupils. We may take up the help of other external sources to get the job done, it would not help the students in any way in strengthening his knowledge of the project and school administration should see that the project is accomplished with the efforts of the students and not by other agencies.

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