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    Nothing Wrong in learning a language and never degrade other languages

    Many people we see around us, degrading others without any reason. They think others are inferior than them.
    A daughter in law of our neighbor house in Chennai, who is hailing from other State very vehemently degrade Tamil language by saying what is in Tamil and with this thought she refused to learn single word in Tamil but talking only in Marathi or English with the house persons. Her husband also do not involve in her thought very much. Her father in law who knows English manages daily issues with her. Though she came to Tamilnadu before 12 years she adamantly do not talk in Tamil and watches only Hindi /Marathi Channels in Television.
    But to this contrary I have seen another girl in my office side who came to a shop for purchasing household items. I shocked to hear her Tamil pronunciation as she belongs to Sindhi language but her Tamil is similar to Tamilian. I wantonly spoke to her in Hindi to know about her, She came to Chennai only last year but learnt Tamil by talking with house persons, by watching Tamil programmes in Television.
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    That is true. Every language will have its own speciality. When you are staying in a Telugu state, if you understand that language, your life will be smooth. Otherwise, you can't communicate with them properly. So it is important for you only to learn that language. If you go to the interiors of Andhra Pradesh, you can't manage without understanding Telugu. The majority of the people know Telugu only there. If you stay there you should learn the Telugu language
    A language is a tool that is useful to convey our feelings, thoughts and needs to others. If we communicate it in the language in which the other person is conversant. So never hate any language. We may have to learn that at a later date. I know many people who speak Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Tulu and English. Basically, people who will have transfers to other states will become good at many languages. People who work in their own state and when there are no transfers they may not learn many languages as they never felt the need of knowing other languages.

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    The more we learn the language, the great we can interact with others and it is the added benefit to us. For the people living in South they have to learn atleat three or four languages. Like we are Tamilians and we stay in Hyderabad as we have to speak Telugu of all dialects and we know Urdu and even English and Hindi. Whereas the North Indians need not learn many languages as they need to learn Hindi and luckily their mother tongue would also be Hindi. Whereas the South Indian people has to learn other languages on compulsion to get acquinted with the places where they live.
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    isI think nobody will appreciate the lady mentioned in this thread. Why she hates any language and despite living in TN for twelve years she never speaks in Tamil but English or Hindi, proves that something is wrong with this lady. Every language is beautiful and binds people together. If I am at an unknownwn place where people speak in other language which I dont understand I can't stay there for a few days. If I have to stay there I shall have to learn the local language.
    In Maharashtra language has been an important factor that divides the local and outsiders. I think she carries this hatred with her to her in-laws's home too.

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    A very thought provoking thread by the author. We should not degrade any language because we are not able to learn it. In our country there are so many languages and each of that has crores of users and all of them are important. In a country like ours one should know at least there languages. Why I am telling this is because English has anyway become an international language and there is no point in escaping or shying away from it and it has become a necessity in our lives. Then comes Hindi which is thanks to the Bollywood and TV industry, has also become very common in our country and one can make out with little Hindi also in remote and interior places. The third language should be the native language which many people already know. So, the people who are orb and brought up in Hindi belts know only two languages that is English and Hindi while many other persons in other parts know three languages. So, it is imperative that Hindi speaking people should also make attempt to learn at least one of the other languages making the total to three in their cases. I do not think that there should be any problem in that. When more people know multiple languages then the scenario changes and no one degrades others language.
    Knowledge is power.

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