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    A five rupee part fails and a fifty thousand-costing gadget has to be discarded

    What an irony and paradox!

    We buy branded, costly gadgets expecting them to be durable and function well for a long time. Many times we get disappointed and frustrated when the contrary happens. Though the appliance or gadget is costly, it will be interesting to be aware that all the parts and components inside are not so costly nor of durable quality. Even the most complex appliance or gadget will still have nails and screws or supports which may cost just pennies. And many times it is the failure, loss, corrosion, or damage to tiny components and parts that make our costly appliances useless and to be discarded.

    Many of us would have experienced such instances when we would be in a very ugly and difficult situation. We would travel with a costly, branded suitcase. But at a particularly vulnerable moment, the handle of the suitcase breaks, and the box falls from our hands and may hit a hard surface and suffer damage. The Zip fastener of our handbag or luggage bag may fail-get stuck or break and the bag will be 'open by its mouth' exposing whatever is inside. Sometimes we may know it only when something falls down.

    The other day we had a problem with our washing machine. The technician declared his helplessness to repair it saying that the particular part cannot be opened because the screw and support therein are rusted and come off if tried to unscrew. He said that the replacement is not available also. After all in a washing machine which is prone to water corrosion why can't they use non-rusting screws and parts? And lo, the outer body is still rust-proof and durable. What an irony and paradox!!
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    The author has given the good account of what would be our state of affairs if for a want of small part, we need to keep the gadget or the machine out of use and we cannot dispose it off because it is not working. The otherday, our Godrej fridge was not working and just a coil was to be replaced and that is done. At that I asked the mechanic to look out for some who can purchase the same at cheaper rate and they offered 3000 and I was happy. The very next day the compressor has gone and that cannot be replaced. I had to part with old fridge for the new Whirlpoo for just 500 as the resale and that was pathetic.
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    A good thought from the author. Really this type of incidents will happen many times.
    In our organisation, we imported a piece of equipment and on one fine day, there is a problem with the machine. We informed the manufacturer as we are not supposed to open the machine when it is in warranty period. His service engineer came and opened the machine and found that a rubber washer somewhere inside the machine was not tightened properly and replace that. This whole exercise took about 5 days and we lost production. But the value of that rubber washer was just a few rupees only. But the total loss for the company is in lakhs due to no production.
    As mentioned by the author the manufacturers should see that small parts which are not costing heavily can be of good quality so that such problems will not happen.

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    The author is right that small parts of the machine or gadget which are not costly though but are important and because of importance these parts should be of good quality. The expensive and branded machine becomes useless until the same small parts are replaced. Some people dont run after branded items, instead, they want to purchase assembled gadget or machine. These mechanic use the best components of the machine or gadget that is more durable and cheap. You may contact a good mechanic and note the different rate of the same machine between branded and assembled.
    I noticed this difference, an electronic item costs Rs 20k because it was manufactured by a reputed company and the same item costs Rs 8k (assembled).

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    It is very ridiculous that we are moving towards a culture of use and throw the items but are we really able to afford that is the question often perturbs my mind. The manufacturers are making items that would not be repairable for want of the part or other technical reasons and whatever it is, it is not a healthy trend. I have a Kindle book reader and its battery went bad. I enquired in local market with the repair centres where laptop and mobile of all sorts are being repaired and I thought it would be done easily but all of them showed their ignorance. So, that is a problem which people are facing who have still not entered that era of 'use and throw' due to whatever reasons financial or mindsets. If costly gadgets cannot be repaired then what is the fun in buying them at least for the middle class people.
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    The author has given an account of negligence while making a product and we have seen such lapses many times while procuring the items for our production unit. In the unit of shearing line, there is the provision of flying shear blades which cut the sheets at regular intervals of uniform length. The blades are placed inside the grooves which raise and come down in the alternate manner due to high power of transmission of electricity. The entire mechanism is self operating with the switches. The newly installed mechanism was not working despite the engagement of the maintenance people. Service Engineer was informed regarding this and his entire group took at least five days to rectify the defect. The defect was minor where one wire was loosely connected with one of the components due to which it lost to supply power. The fault originated from the negligence of one of workers of the factory side but due to that we lost production for the same period costing us colossal loss.

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    We are accumulating such discarded items in our home keeping a wish and hope that we may find someone who can repair them and put back to use.

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    That's a big problem for many gadgets nowadays. Earlier, the price was quite high and the durability and quality of those gadgets were also quite good compared to the present ones. The prices have come down and the quality also reduced to some extent. I think since the manufacturers cannot compromise with the quality of the main components they try to give less importance to the small components or accessories which are actually essential for the proper functioning of the gadgets. That may be one of the reasons why such things, like the screw and support mechanism mentioned in the thread, are overlooked.

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