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    Does the full attendance in office or factory induce productivity ?

    There has been arguments and debates by several experts and organizations that the works in office or the factory must go irrespective of full attendance for the day and is that implies the co workers are trained to attend the pending works of those who are absent for the day ? The chain of work force that need to work and facilitate work efficiency down the line has been trained to see that uninterrupted tasks takes place. But what would be the case when more workers or employees go absent suddenly without prior information and how the situation gets into track ?
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    Attendance is one of the basic parameters which is very important for the productivity of the company or organisation. Until people reach the workplace in time how we can expect further discipline from them. Being said so there are many other parameters and factors which are equally important and simply come to office in time is not going to help if those other factors are not adhered to. In an ideal situation the people should work during the office or factory hours wholeheartedly and work for the common objectives and then only there will be progress and development and benefits will be distributed to the employees in terms of bonus or goodies. Full attendance is only one of the parameters that makes us happy to feel that people are available for work. There are many things after that and at every step complete dedication and efforts are required for a growth and prosperity.
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    Whenever a large number of workers are absent, the productive capacity will naturally suffer. For this, the institute already has many options, in which the most important is considered to be the attendance tournament, nowadays some holidays are already applied in the institutes or organizations so that all the employees are aware of this and accordingly they plan their holidays. . Now if we talk that due to some emergency situation, a large number of employees are not available on the work area, then overtime is the only solution. For this, the companies should keep their backup plan and should give a proper bonus or overtime amount so that the dedication towards the work in the attendance employee is large, it helps in increasing the productivity. There are many more ways to maintain the productivity of any organization, and administration or management should keep all of them in their mind.

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    The situation as described by the author is really a challenging one in the hand of the management. But in certain sectors this is not applicable at all. In open cast mining sectors where there is rain , it is not possible to work in these colliery project but there is 100% attendance and management have to pay full salary without any output to the employees. There is only office works in those days. This is an exception only.
    Now in general where required attendance is available , normal work will go on as per target of the factory.
    when there is minor shortfall in attendance the can be carry on with replacement basis or with extra time engagement of the key personnel by paying overtime.
    In case of very poor attendance where maintaining complete production system is not possible , part production system can be done for the day or
    If there are any preventive maintenance system exist in that factory in a particular day of every week then the management can changes the day as maintenance working day with less manpower and do the maintenance activities rather than production.
    There are various option available in the hand of the management to utilised the manpower in production process.

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    Except some exception sectors, there need to be full attendance for collective performance.
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    Attendance is a very important issue in any organisation. The work will definitely hamper if a person is absent. There may be somebody who can do that work but there may be a decrease in the output. Sometimes when we want workmen and many of them are absent we will keep some workers who will be going out after completing their shift on OT so that work will not hamper. Productivity will always depend on the number of persons to be attended and actually attended. Generally, in manufacturing industries, we will keep some extra persons than required to compensate for absenteeism. These extra workers will fill the places where the actual worker is absent. But for staff, we can't have extra staff. So whatever work is to be done by the staff is to be shared by all other staff who attended the duty.
    To discourage this absenteeism companies will announce some incentives. Some workers will never use their eligible leaves also and they will encash them at the year-end.

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    A company or business establishment is opened to earn money and all employees who have to perform their duties diligently are expected to be punctual as well. So a company wants that all employees should come on duty without fail, however, if they have any important work, for which they want to take leave for a few days, the company allows them to avail themselves this facility but being absent without taking leave or without bringing it in the notice to seniors if someone does not turn up, this act of his will not be tolerated. The author has assumed that several employees go absent, in this situation how management should manage it and how to deal with this exigency the management should have preempted.

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