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    Do you finally forgive those who done wrong or take grudge ?

    In most of us there is a revenge taking tendency against those who have done wrong to us in the past. We may not be in talking terms but would be waiting for an opportunity to take full of revenge against the person so as get our urge satisfied for they having done wrong. But we should also have the guts to finally forgive and forget the matter and them forever. By doing so there are every chance in that person to change the attitude, and they may also repent for having done wrong to us and we always live esteem in their mind for having forgiven.
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    Most of us take revenge as it is the basic animal instinct in human beings but revenge is not the solution of the problem. It will only ignite the fire further and more such revenges from both the sides will come in picture time to time in future. So one would be unnecessary entangled in the web of revenges without any perceptible gain or advantage. A balanced mind will first find out the reasons of the offences made by a person and will think about mitigating the causes for the same. Was it done in frustration? Or the person had an old grudge against us? There could be myriads of reasons and we can speculate and find out the most probable one and then devise some solution so that the other person calms down and understands the basic matter and comes on a compromising terms. So patience is the key to address these issues and settlement would end all the conflicts that could arise in future. Both the parties have to be ready for such order and if one side is too adamant these negotiations might fail also but our efforts should be to try all the avenues available.
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    It's relatively easy to forgive, but it's probably a little harder to forget that incident. If we understand this from the point of view of science also, then we come to know that our whole life is constantly being formed and the reason for its formation is memories. There are all kinds of memories, the good ones that make us happy and the bad ones that make us sad.
    If we think from the point of view of spirituality, we are advised that it is wise to forget what has passed but the human brain is a complex structure, not a slate on which we can easily erase any written on it, it is a composition neuron and there is a group of many fibers, to which we are also difficult to reach.
    Still, if we want to make our life easier, then we have to learn to forget the bad things and for this, it is necessary to forgive people. Meditation and yoga help us as important means so that we can forget the bad memories to some extent.

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    If someone is our enemy or rival who keeps grudge against us and does not leave any chance to harm us and whenever he got an opportunity to harm us he harmed and he still on his mission to harm us or he harmed us in past but now he does not harm us any more. In both the cases what our response is decides the future game. Do we want to take revenge? If we are in a position to take revenge and also we can face post-revenege backlash from him and if we can reply him more strongly then we can take revenge.
    Another aspect is , if we are weak and he is stronger than us then we should not dare to challenge him directly, rather we should take help of another stronger person who can help us against him.
    Third and most important aspect of this issue is that we should forgive him regardless of us being weak or strong. How long we can carry grudge or enmity for someone. This life is too short for us to love how we can live carrying gared for someone.

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    Revenge taking is the animal instinct but we the human being can forgive for once.
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    When somebody is doing something wrong to us, we will feel bad and we will be angry immediately. We think that we should take revenge on the other person who did that. But if we wait for a few minutes, our anger may come down. Then we will start thinking and we may see a reason for his action. Then we will get back to normal and we will not have that instinct of taking action.
    Sometimes some people will do the damage intentionally. We should not have any soft corner against such people. We should teach them a lesson. We should teach such a lesson that they will not repeat such things again and again. Even though we take some time in taking suitable action, we need not worry. But the lesson should be perfect. We should reserve our anger and see that we take corrective action at an appropriate time so that the other person will understand us also.

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