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    Which is a better career option - service or business?

    After ones education is completed one generally searches for a job. That is the usual process people follow. Some of the people have some inclination towards business and instead of searching a job they set up a business unit however small it might be. These are two different areas - service and business. Each might have its own benefits and hidden threats but most of the people prefer service as there are less perceived risks in that area. For those who have a business unit available from their parents side, the decision becomes easier as they simply have to join that business if they like that and would not go for searching a job. What is your view or choice in this matter - which is better - service or business?
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    When I contacted many persons who can afford to do own business and need not depend for land, money or the source, they are reluctant to do citing no previous experience. I just cannot agree to that excuse because. The word business itself is the chance and that cannot be successful unless and until full effort and concentrations has been made. But having worked for some one or the company we have been lethargic and not accoutable and that is the reason we are afraid of taking to own business. Actually own business is good, that would not only fetching but also give mental satisfaction.
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    Definitely business is the best if one can afford it. You can be an employer and you can have some employees with you. That means you are providing some means to some people to live. If everybody looks for a job, who will be there to give the job.
    If you have your own business, you can manage the show as per your plan. You can work hard and make others also to work and see that work is done on time. The more hard work you put in, the better will be the result. But if we neglect we may get into losses.
    Going in for a business is the best option if you are ready to work 24 X 7. But if you feel that you can't put such a hard job, then going for service in any area you like will be a better option.
    We can't say business is the best or job is the best. That will from person to person. The individual's ability to take risks and withstand up and downs are important to decide one among the two mentioned. The individual's financial status is also one of the deciding factors.

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    Business is on top, no job can be better than business because a businessman is the owner of an entity, he has educated and experienced employees working under him. He can hire the best brains in the country. But most of the educated people prefer to do a job in any company instead of starting their own business. It is also observed that children of a businessman also make up their mind to do business instead of becoming an employee of any company.
    It is also a fact that everybody can not be a successful businessman. A lot of hard work, consistency, good behaviour, punctuality and patience etc are required to succeed in business.

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    It all depends on the circumstances of the person. How does a person view business and job?

    If seen, even in business, a person has to work as a job for a long time until the business becomes so big that the person does not have to work much. On the other hand, many famous businessmen have also done jobs at one time, from where they learned and did big business. Whether it is business or a job, both have their requirement and prerequisites.

    That's why I feel that choosing a career according to the need of the hour is a better option. With time, one knows by his ability and knowledge in which direction he has to move. So the best thing that can be done is to take into account the available resources and time to choose the best and explore opportunities as they come.


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