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    Either situation or the person for we getting into anger mode ?

    Normally no one would be interested to get into angry just like that as it would not only tarnish our image as the angered person but also hampers our relations with other as many wants to keep away from the angered person. Sometimes the situation force us to turn hostile and even vent out outburst of anger and many a time the opposite persons would be responsible for our behavior as they would induce us to get anger and they get the enjoyment. So next time when you get angered, just watch the face of others as to how they are enjoying the moment at that time.
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    It all depends on both the persons involved. My wife maintains a very good cool and never easily gets angry even though the other person talks very arrogantly. But I am just the opposite of that. If the other person raises his voice I will also raise my voice. My wife starts controlling me. She says that we should not be so emotional and we should maintain calmness so that the other person will also get cool with time.
    I also feel that my wife is correct in her approach. She will go back to the person after he gets cool down and explains to him the mistake done by him and how he might have done it. She explains the facts and asks the other person not to get into an angry mood easily. She had a very good name in our relative circle and both my sons go to her for many issues.
    I agree with the author that for our mood the other person is responsible. I say why he should shout. When somebody is shouting why should I be silent? But that will increase the enmity and we will have more foes than friends.

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    If nobody is interested in getting angry then why they become angry? They become angry at people or in a situation because they are unable to control them at that point in time. We are always responsible for our behaviour and not the other person/situation. When you are angry at someone and shouting try to put yourself in the shoes of the other person who is facing your anger. You will understand the other person is neither enjoying nor laughing. Actually, the other person is also getting quite disturbed. If others were responsible for our anger then there wouldn't be something like anger management. The person who is angry has to manage the anger and not the other way.

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    You have offered a very favorable solution in the last lines of the thread. Seeing the pleasure on the face of the one who has made us angry, it has been verified that not getting angry is the best response. Otherwise, getting angry will harm our health.

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    Anger is not a good trait especially when someone unnecessarily starts showing his anger at others. Such a person is fallen in the eyes of other people. It is possible that someone might instigate him to get angry and he himself enjoys getting him angry.
    We should control our anger and especially, our tongue because tongue makes people enemies.

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    It is always better to remain calm since this alone can keep us perfect health. This is not so easy and we become emotional when someone behaves rudely making us to behave in the similar line. If there is the repetition of the same of such outbursts for a prolonged time, we will ourselves invite our health problems. We should always think of the consequences of excess anger. If we cannot control the other party, let us control ourselves with the different means to diffuse our own anger for our own benefits.

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    The situation or the persons may turn hostile towards has we have no control over the happenings.
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