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    How to rejuvenate colors instead of watching paint dry?

    Where did the taste go? Where have the colors disappeared?

    Many such questions are troubling us in our life these days. In such a situation, there has been monotony in life.

    This monotony has come up in many aspects of life such as work and everyday activities. The main reason for this monotony is lockdown and epidemic. I firmly believe that all people are replenishing their lives with many colors to eliminate their monotony in some form or the other. So why not share some tips and tricks with everyone so that others can also take advantage of them.

    I have one tip that I want to share is:

    Make a list for cleaning a cluttered house and then take before and after photos. Assign this task to each member daily and also ask them to take pictures.

    What are the ways to break the monotony during this pandemic?
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    Keeping the home to the old glory would be the like and need of the dwellers but unfortunately with the reasons beyond our control we keep on postponing the painting matter and that goes on years together unless and until if some visitors point out the rusting paint and dull paint, we may not take action. Moreover painting is not a easy job and that is associated with huge money and if the house is big we cannot do the part painting. Therefore lots of planning need to be done and the paint color should be suitable to the likes of house members and then shifting of articles is the big headache to decide fast.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Many people are trying to do something or other so that they will have some activity in their life.
    Many gents are trying their hand in the kitchen for a day or two in a week. They are learning how to cook from their wives or mothers. They are also watching Youtube and learning cooking. My two sons are in IT and they are working from home for the last year almost. They started cooking two times a week. Saturday evening and Sunday evening they are trying their hand in our kitchen. Their wives and mother will be relaxing. If there are any doubts they are asking the ladies and they are helping them. Now they learnt how to cook and cooking on their own.
    Another thing we are doing is indoor games playing. Housy game, cards, chess and caroms are the games we are trying in the house.
    As far as I am concerned I am happily spending my time with my two little granddaughters. The third granddaughter is just 2 months old. She may also join the team after another 2 or 3 months. Another time pass for me is reading some books.

    always confident

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    Samness in daily activities may cause boredom for some people. They want change in their lives. I am not one them. I am reluctant to change. I resist any new proposal because it is due to particular mindset which sticks to orthodox or conservative thinking and prefers to carry old practices. Many a man are of this sort.
    The author has written about boredom and monotony because he spends his time behind doors but I am not facing this problem because we have no more lockdown. We are free to go out of our homes, markets are opened, offices are working. Only schools are closed, rest life is back on track.

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