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    By giving yourself more comfort, you can put yourself in discomfort.

    Do you also make all arrangements when you start preparing for any work, so that, you do not have to get up in the middle of work? To some extent, it is sensible to do this but it is very important that you know that extent.

    This message of mine is more focused on today's youth. Whether it is a matter of study or any work related to long sitting, nowadays youth have many ideas in this matter, keeping water bottles with them, mobile charger, sitting with all the books together, etc. They do not want to disturb themselves again and again. I have even seen some people keeping a dustbin near the working table or study table so that they do not have to get up for it.

    I understand that sometimes it is appropriate due to lack of time and a busy work schedule, but will it be the right decision to always comfort yourself like this? I do not think so, I believe that at least young people should get up again and again for small tasks as it will be beneficial for their health. Today, if we give ourselves more comfort at this young age, then surely this will become the reason for our discomfort after an age.
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    In my opinion, planning is very important for any work to finish on time and successfully. Initially, if we spend some time planning executing the work will become easy. When we plan the work we know what are all required and their availability. So when we execute the work we may get from the workplace and pick up the requirement from its place. Instead of that if we start searching for the item we will lose time and we may get delayed.
    I have seen some people sit somewhere and call other people to give the items required. This is nothing but troubling others. That is also not correct. Before starting the work arranging all the items nearby and start working is the best way.
    My friend was a very good cook. He was cooking very nice food. He used to sit near the stove and call other roommates to give him the required items and his friends used to complain against him for this.

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    For any work, keeping things in the right place before starting is important. Keeping a bottle of water with you when you are sitting somewhere either for studying or doing any job is a good idea and I think many of us keep it. Because of the dependence on online classes during this period, it is important to keep the smart mobile devices on the study table but the mobile device must be used for the purpose of study only and not for chatting with friends or playing games. Sitting at a stretch in front of the computer is not recommended. Stretching yourself in between is helpful. We all want comfort but if this comfort gives rise to laziness then it is not good. In that case, a bit of discomfort is a good idea.

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    The author has rightly suggested to lazy young people who don't want to move their body. They want to have more and more comforts. These young people destroy their health and before reaching half a century they start feeling infirmities in their body.
    Such young guys should not kill themselves with slow poison. But now a days such people , generally, are not seen. Most young people are crazy for good health. They are gym-goers and keep themselves fit. They not only want to keep themselves fit but also make their physique beautiful that everyone praises their beautiful body. Celebrities like Salman Khan, John Abraham, Vdhyut Jamwal, Tiger Shroff, Hritik Roshan etc are their role models.

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    Looking at today's time, the suggestions given by the author can be taken positively. We need to create an environment where we give priority to physical activities, which can be started with small tasks.

    For example, during work, we should take a little walk every 10-15 minutes. Often when we have everything we need, we sometimes hesitate to take breaks, which later becomes a bad habit.

    Whenever I work in the office, I never keep a water bottle near me because I like to take a little walk after every 15 or 30 minutes even if it is on the pretext of drinking water.


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