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    If the investigation is not serving the purpose why conducting it?

    I know the CBI, ED and many other investigating agencies are carrying out various investigations at many places and many of you might be following a couple of them and eagerly waiting for the outcome. Don't worry, I am not saying anything about any of such investigations and want those investigations to continue. I am concerned about you and me who carry out some small sort of investigations regularly. These investigations are not those we carry out to find the reasons for failure but to find out who said what at which moment and keep on asking others to find the answer. These investigations are about finding out what somebody said a long ago and what happened thereafter due to which there were some repercussions. Those things have already happened and we learnt some lessons but at times we try to revisit them again to find out the truth. Hold on! What you will do with the truth now? It has already happened a long time ago and there is no way to alter it. Keeping on investigating the matter again will unnecessarily make you worried and angry. After all, it will not serve any purpose.
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    Exactly. I have also experienced some people who do these enquiries. They remember what we said in our last meeting and enquire about the happenings. They will also try to blame somebody for those happenings.
    In our relative circle, one newly married girl committed suicide. It was told that she was having some love failure problem and committed that. The boy is worried and not able to move with people for long. Some people used to ask him even after six months also why it happened, how it happened? Some people went to the extent that because of this boy only that girl died. What is the use of this investigation? Finally, that boy left that place and shifted to another city so that he can have some peace of mind.

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    Though the ruling parties claim that the investigating agencies are free and they are not controlled at all. But we can imagine that even at the ward level or the town level the local leaders prevail upon the police to leave those who have been caught for wrong doing and such pressure would prevent the law enforcing agencies from doing their duties. And having sensed this tendency the courts are now allowing transfer of cases to other states or the other districts so that the investigation and the conviction goes without any problem. If the corrupt deals are big, the investigation moves very slow for the obvious reasons as the ruling party would be playing the game to their chest as they do not want to get blamed for what ever reason and if prominent oppostion leaders are involved, the law would be slow and cautious.
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    Mohan Sir, I am not talking about those investigations on corrupt practices and I want all of those investigations to continue. In this thread, I have discussed some specific inquisitive issues about us, the suspicious investigator.

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    Investigations are done for knowing the truth in the matter and it is the individual curiosity that provokes it in many cases. There may not be any purpose behind the investigations in such cases because even if we deduce something new what is the next action as things had happened long back and today there is nothing to be done. I have seen in some suspense and crime mystery movies that the whole thing gets reinvestigated and someone else is found guilty and the movie ends with a happy note. Such things happen in movies only as in real life situation there will be so many obstacles in investigations that one may not be able to reach up to the truth in the matter. By nature, human beings are curious and many of the investigations and enquiries done by people have nothing behind them except quenching their curiosity.
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