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    Passions will create wonders.

    At least some of those who are branded as good for nothing must have been the victims of others' ignorance or created self-imposed obstacles in their ways. Like the musk-deer, everyone carries invaluable treasures. If he had ever tried to open it, he would not have had to wander around after someone and waste his life. The musk-deer (Kasturiman) does not know that the smell of musk comes out of himself, he just goes in search of musk.

    The misconception that what is the most popular performance or what most people like is only true and exemplary is the root cause of the extinction of so much of the diversity within so many. One cannot be a good teacher or trainer who guides those who seek training only in ways they know and tries to get them to the safe places he or she envisions. But only those who know how to touch the soul can bring someone to the place he or she deserves. Real teachers are those who discover what a person can become, rather than what he or she is.
    If we walk in oppressed ways, we will lose our identity and become orphans. But if we walk in the ways of our passion, we will become masters.
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    Each of us has different qualities and talent. Some of them are known to a person but some qualities which are inbuilt but never felt by him that he himself possesses these qualities and talents. So this is the first step to establish oneself, one must discover his treasure to get it exploited. These natural resources must be used in a proper way but some people dont know how to use them, then they need considerate teachers or guides who can patronise them and guide them to polish their talents and qualities.
    A problem often hurdles in this way that a person run after pretentious things or possessions of others. In both the cases he wastes his time and energy. Such a person remains wandering aimlessly and runs after peace and success but in search of oasis he keeps running in the vast desert.
    This maze in life is complicated, most of us are entangled in it. We need freedom of mind and thoughts. Our freedom is not possible if we dont want freedom.

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    A person who knows his strengths may try to work in those areas so that he can excel. At the same time, we also should know what are our weaknesses. Once we identify them we will try to get strong in those areas also. Some of us may be able to identify our inner qualities well and work around and get popular. But some will never understand his strengths and try to work in the wrong areas and may not get the required identity.
    One should know what are his interests. He should know what are the opportunities around that area and should try to grab them.

    always confident

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    That is true and for that one has to be passionate. There are many who do not know what they really want and try to copy or are forced to copy others' action. For example, you will find most of the students running after various tuitions to score well and many of them are forced by their parents to score well even if they do exceedingly well in other areas not related to study. The student may be passionate about playing cricket but under pressure, he had to study to score well. The student could have been a good player if allowed to nurture the passion. It's important to break the boundary and move ahead with your passion to do something really wonderful.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    A nice thread has been posted by the author. We all have been blessed with many qualities but yes we can not properly identify them and moving from one place to another just because we are looking for that which we already have. Some people are like as they have a great atmosphere around them that can help them to find our their inner quality but the number of those lucky people are less in today's era because most of us are surrounded with the people who never want to see your success and always try to pull you down. So this time one should not depend on others to help to identify their qualities but should be more self-focused to understand the real purpose of your life. The author is rightly said that people create obstacles in their ways by themselves and when you create them then it would be difficult to solve or remove them on your own.

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    This is an interesting topic raised by the author where he suggests that one should identify one's strength and weaknesses. The areas where we are more efficient need to be nurtured further so that we may have the commands on such fields. Similarly we have to search ourselves where we are lacking and how we can overcome such weakness. This would require self introspection to analyse both the areas and must have determination to improve ourselves with the further polishing of our qualities and giving up the bad ones.

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    One might not know what is hidden within oneself until one explores it. It is very interesting that some people are not able to find their passion elements in this world and wander aimlessly. Every person has some strength and it is the using of that strength to pursue ones passion what matters for success and development. There are many people who appeared to be a mediocre lot but when they focussed and concentrated in their interest areas they became well known and famous. Some times mentor might be required to kindle these elements but one can find them oneself also with some efforts in that direction.
    Knowledge is power.

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