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    Sleep on your back or side ways, which one comforts you?

    After the hectic day of work , we tend to have good sleep that should be without disturbance and deep sleep to which our posture also cooperate to have the comfortable feel. Sleeping on the back and stretching fully the legs would give us the complete relaxation and goes to the sleep mode immediately but many of us either turn to right or left and sleep side ways. And there are people who would sleep on their tummy probably to get rid of fatty looks. How about your sleeping habit and how comfortable you feel taking a posture ? For me sleeping to my left gives me great feel.
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    It is advise to have sleep by left side normally. But my case as I am suffering from spondylosis my sleeping by rotating in all sides.

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    Different people have different habits of sleeping postures. Some are habitual of sleeping on their back while many prefer sideways. It is said that sleeping on ones left is a healthy practice as it gives support to the intestines and flow of digested food through them. It also helps in reducing belching or acidity. But it is difficult to have one posture only during the whole night. So, many of us change the sleeping posture at least 2-3 times during the night. I am having problem of stiff back and change my posture so many times.
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    It is better to change to posture of sleep once wake up by chance.
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    I change my posture many times while sleeping. Sometimes I sleep on my back. After some time I start sleeping on my left side and sometimes on my right side. But I always keep my legs fully stretched only. Immediately after going to the bed, I lie down on my back by keeping both my palms under my head. Then after some time, I will change my posture. But the majority of the time I sleep on my left side only. I always sleep without any bedsheet on my body. Even in the winter season, I avoid using any blanket
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