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    Life is an endless game.

    It has been observed that those who are continuously performing well and consistent are most of the times depressed because of the pressure of performing well in upcoming competition, examination or sport events. This stress sometimes affects their performance and in worst cases they have to quit the event, recent example is Naomi Osaka who quitted herself from championship due to stress of performing well. But why this stress develops? Earlier I always feels that this is due to others who would make bad comments if we could not do well. But this is all matter of our conscience. Our conscience hurts us internally and always forces us to believe that what others will think about us. Anyone in this world can not pressurise us but our conscience can. Our conscience is pricked when we can't do well and then all problems starts. So always see this bad side of ourself as good one and practice harder, and always stop thinking about future because win and loss are two sides of coin and we can flip loss side into win only by hardwork not by fear of losing the game, as life is an endless game in itself which throws millions of opportunities.
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    Life is a game. If a person dies, another person may born. That is why probably the author says life is an endless game. In any game, all can't win. The same team can't win always. So thinking about winning and losing and worrying is not advisable. Indian Cricket team won many matches. But yesterday lost against Newzeland. With that single loss, we can't say the Indian team is useless.
    There may be many reasons for these outcomes. The only thing is we should understand why we lost and how we can win next time. Once we do that we can forget about the win or loss and start preparing for the next game. There are many games to come and we have to play them. So we should tune our mind in such a way that we will not get excited about a win and worry too much about a loss. Never go to negative thinking which will spoil your thoughts and you will become more ineffective and you have to face many losses in your life.

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    Rather I would say life is the endless saga. If we say game means there is a chance of enjoyment and sadness, but some times we are more into learning than gaining and that is why I treat Life is the sage. And from every twist and turning of life we gain immense education and experience. And that would be formidable because when we fail and go through the ordeal of life, the rememberance of bad experience would be lirking us and that makes a great learning of no forgetfulness. I will not agree with the author contention that life is the endless game. It is the learning schools for everyone of us.
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    I agree with the author that winning any award or champions trophy is tough for every player/team but remaining on top and always keep on winning the contest or tournament is the toughest thing for a contender/player/team. Always there is pressure on the person to perform well and better than all other participants. This pressure, sometimes, casts the worst effect on people. But when someone reaches on top in any field he learns how to remain on top or at least in the race of winning.

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    The stress of performing well will always be there especially when it is related to ones career. It is a part and parcel of the package of the hard work. Many of us get depression or other such problems in our lives when we do not succeed as per our expectations. We do not console ourselves by telling that there will be another opportunity and even start conjecturing about how the others had got successful through connections and push and pulls. Human mind is like that. When we lose, we start thinking too much bringing in sadness and despair in our mind.

    I would say that instead of taking it as a failure we should close that chapter as a bad dream in our lives and start afresh. So, it would be prudent and advisable to break the game of life in smaller modules where each module is a game in itself and once the result of that is out and not favourable then just forget about that and start the another game. More we keep these things in memory more they will trouble us. Forgetting the bad memories is very essential for our future growth. It is difficult to do that but we must strive and try that as it really helps.

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    Stress may develop among the performers doing consistently well in all the occasions. They are considered the super performers always and they remain under stress for fear of not making the similar performance this time. At times, the level becomes so much unmanageable that they need the consultation of their Physicians to relieve from such stress. If the same persists for a long time their performance will certainly drop because of such negative feelings. The best recourse is to concentrate on the job assigned to them and should carry out the assignment to their level best without worrying the ultimate outcome. In that way, they can apply their minds with their full potentials to make the assignment successful.

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