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    Does weather affect your mood?

    Just as every day is not the same, similarly not every season is the same. By the way, due to the rotation of the Sun by the Earth, mainly three seasons are formed and we also study those three seasons. With the seasons, the internal functions of our body will also slightly change automatically, but does the weather have an effect on our mood as well. While living in certain weather continuously for some time, we make ourselves favorable but when the weather suddenly changes, we find both its positive and negative effects in people. Some people feel more energetic during the winter season and some prefer to just stay indoors during this time. These days it is the rainy season and in this season also some people like to roam and some to sleep. How does the weather affect your mood, does it affect your writing work also? Please share your experience.
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    Surely good weather would pep the importance of the day and if the morning begins with good breeze and little cloudy , that day would be wonderful. But these days we cannot predict the weather in advance as we could see, a winter like situation early morning, hot summer during the day and showers in the night. This way we are being fooled by the nature to go through three seasons in one day. Our body has been habituated to the seasons and not the cahnged weather in a single day to represent a season. Therefore we are down with cold, sneezing and running nose and some children get effected with fever also.
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    I like the rainy season more than the other seasons. I will feel very happy to see the rain falling onto the earth from the sky. The smell we are getting from the land at the beginning of the rain makes me happy. During my childhood, I used to wait for rain in the mornings so that I can avoid going to school. Many times I skipped school because of rain. But when the working comes all seasons are same. We have to get up, get ready and go for the duty. Where is the time to think about the season and enjoying nature? Always busy and running only.
    The rainy season is very nice. Temperatures are not very high. Cold is also not severe. So we can enjoy the atmosphere well during that season. During the rainy season, you will find all trees with green leaves and once we see those trees we will have peace of mind. The mind works very actively and we will get novel ideas and my mood will be very good during this season.

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    Each person has his unique characteristics. According to the nature of each type of person, every season has different effects on them. A person who will know the relation between his character and seasons, that person will always be able to establish a balance with nature and work accordingly. Which will surely be very beneficial for him.

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    I think mood is affected by weather. I have also noticed that when it is too hot then then I get angry easily but if it is cold I keep my patience intact. Also during winter hunger is felt freely but otherwise in summer. I like to travel in night when the day is hot. Spicy food, warm gram, pakode, tea, kachori etc are demanded by mood when it rains. I think these are common activities of people.

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    Weather affects us in many ways and it is natural that sometimes it might play with our moods also. The first shower of rain brings happiness to so many people. Some of us like the winter season so much and sit cosily indoors while others might seek happiness in sunny days. So, it would be different from individual to individual as how one is affected by a particular weather but yes it affects everyone to some extent. In literature, cloudy and dark days are attributed to gloomy surroundings and sunny days indicate the enthusiasm and joy in people but in the real life situation it would mainly depend on a person as what is ones mindset at that point of time and the weather will invoke corresponding feelings in him.
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    Yes, definitely weather conditions affect my mood.

    I become active, happy and energetic when the weather is bright and sunny at day time with temperatures remaining below or just 30 degree Celsius. The nights should be around 25 to 27 degrees, less humid and less wet.

    I like winter season as in our place. That is, days are sunny and nights pleasantly cool. I had seen that my productivity output is maximum in such conditions.
    Rainy seasons make me dull and sulky and somewhat in a sad mood. But I welcome rainy season if rains are not continuous or heavy, but gives some gap with sunshine allowing wetness to dry out and not hampering routine.

    A few years back, I had undergone a very bad time during rainy season when it was a flood time ,rains were continuous,heavy, dams overflowing. All of us at home were suffering from fever. Suffering severe fatigue. It was like this for more than a week. I was feeling highly depressed. So much so that I wanted to see the sun se the world. So when the sun shine on a day I just got out and took a bus to the nearest town and came back . That gave some relief to my sunken spirits.
    While we really need rains, some rainy days and rainy season cause a lot of hardships to body and mind.It hampers much of our activities. Even inside hoe also there will be power fluctuations, power going off etc. It affects net, cable signals etc.

    Born and brought up in Kerala and living many years in Mumbai, I cannot tolerate extreme weather either side. I am accustomed to moderate weather conditions.

    In this regard I would like you to read my responses to rain related threads link given :


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