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    It is very important to sit in the right way while taking food.

    Whatever culture or religion we belong to, but we find some good habits in all cultures, it can be understood that we should always adopt these common good habits. One of these important habits is the way we sit while eating. It is believed in our culture that food should always be eaten sitting on the floor. Along with this, before taking food, we should express our gratitude by thanking God for the food, and then chew the food with ease. In my school, before the meal, we used to chant Bhojan-Mantras.

    In today's fast-paced life and fashion chasing world, the right way of consuming food has changed. Now people are eating food, not on the floor, but on the dining table and the rush is so much that even chewing the food is becoming a big task. Some people are so engrossed in TV or mobile that they do not even know what they have eaten in the food.

    This situation prevails in most families nowadays, I am lucky that even today in my family, we all sit on the floor and eat food. Food is an important part which helps give us life energy, for this no negligence should be done. If you have difficulty sitting on the floor due to any physical problem, you must use the chair but keep the mealtime only for food while being grateful and eating food by expressing gratitude to it.
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    It is the fact that while eating the food especially the meal right posture has to be maintained and sitting on the ground with two legs folded in front of the plate or plantain leaf is the right posture and that would help in right acceptance of food and also the digestion. In our home though there is a dining table, we prefer to eat sitting on the ground and all the family members would join to eat. In this regard I am against some eateries which does not provide the seating arrangement and we have to stand and eat and go. By standing and eating the food may not be tasted in good mood as our thoughts would be not to spill the food on the ground. And eating food while walking or talking is something against the healthy food habit and we should avoid it. In fact no discussion should be done while eating the food and let the discussion be after the eating.
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    We should follow some healthy practice while taking our foods and in the past we have seen how they are maintaining sitting posture by sitting on the ground with their legs folded before the food plate. They were saying a prayer to keep mind tension free while consuming their meals. In fact, tranquility of mind is essential to absorb the food effectively with the proper mastication. Any shift from the healthy patterns would affect the digestion procedure.
    Many people while indulging in their meals are engrossed in the mobile phones or are gulping meals along with the conversation of their friends. This is not the right posture since such foods have not been properly masticated and hence it may not mix properly with the gastric juice giving a rise to indigestion. While eating, peace of mind is absolutely essential.

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    As per our cultural and traditional directions we have to take food in a sitting position. It is also mentioned that while taking food we should avoid speaking as there is a danger of food particles entering the wind pipe going to the lungs. There are scientific reasons behind all these stipulations. When we are taking food our body and mind should be concentrated in that direction so that we eat it in a proper way taking sufficient time and of course also chewing it properly. The body will digest and absorb the food properly only when we eat it in a correct way and not while standing or roaming here and there. Today the late night parties have that culture where people move with their plates here and there and in between gulp down some food and do not concentrate towards eating it as their mind is in gossips and socialising even during the eating process. As per our Ayurvedic system such manners are very adverse for the health as food does not get digested properly and then it becomes the source of many ailments. Many people take food or munch snack items while walking and that is also not a good practice. Taking food patiently in sitting posture is the best thing that one can have while eating.
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    We have many sources of how to live properly, by way of teachings and books by ancient Rishis, Acharyas and followed by many generations till a few generations ago.
    Ayurveda still has and teaches how live properly and gives great emphasis to food intake. It tells us the correct way to take food and about many other aspects of daily routine. Though such prescriptions may not be very attractive to us now, they are all on scientific basis and wisdom from experience of generations.

    Many of us would have found a small veracity and testimonial in these from the present pandemic situation. Many of the precautions and preventive measures were those which we all discarded blindly as orthodox and old , falling victims to modern commercial temptations. It is pertinent here to say and believe that " Old is still Gold".

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    Today I received a promotional message in whats app from an Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing company.
    It says that 70% o immunity is in the gut and so suggested a product to keep our digestive system clear and healthy.
    So food intake and excretion play a very vital role in our lives. Our ancestors were knowing all about this and were living healthy life following the proper and balanced formula. The concept of Upvas and even Bada Khan and festival time special food delights were all part of these.

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    The author is right. I heard from our elders to take food by properly sitting, that too sitting on the ground is best procedure. Similarly drinking water should also done by sitting and not standing. I went to Hyderabad and one day I saw a person in a restaurant came from outside and fetch water from the cooler and drink by sitting on the side floor on his paw. My uncle who was by my side asked me to note that.

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    Any work we should do the way we have to do it. Then only we will get the real benefits. Sometimes we may do some experiments to have a better output. But unless otherwise, it is proved worthy we should not adopt those new process. When we take the food we should chew the food properly so that the food will get digested easily. But if we eat very fast without chewing it our digestive system has to put more efforts to get the food digested. It may result in some health problems.
    Eating by sitting on the floor and eating in banana green leaves are the two best practices suggested by our earlier generations. But these days we have no time and we will eat by standing and run immediately. But telling that there is no time for eating is foolish. Why we are taking all these troubles? What we will do with the money in the bank. Never be in a hurry to finish your eating fast. Don't do any other activity while you eat. That will help you to enjoy your food and you will be blessed with good health.

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