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    Are you familiar with Wood Apple or Elephant Apple and tasted it?

    Wood apple is a common fruit available in most parts of India and mostly available during monsoon season. It is unique in its taste and flavor. When fruits are ripe, the flesh will some what sweet in taste but when it is not ripe it tastes sour. As elephants swallow this hard shelled fruit directly, it is commonly known as elephant's Apple. It is mostly available in Ganesh chaturdhi festival. This fruit is provided with plenty of nutrients and has many health benefits. Wood apple is good for kidney health, helps detoxifying, improve cardiovascular health, good for diabetes management, improve digestion , improves liver health and functioning , reduces body weight, etc. I am very fond of this fruit and the raw flesh I eat it whenever it is available to me. In my childhood I used to get lot of this fruit but nowadays this is not that much available. In Bangladesh and Srilanka this fruit is used as a street food by mixing the flesh with salt and chilly powder. In our house we used to make a sweet chutney out of it. It is rich in calcium, vitamins and many vital minerals.
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    Yes very much. During the month of September it will be available more. My mother takes the flesh fruit from the shell and give us by adding jaggary. This is very healthy and good for brain.

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    In Tamil we call it has Vilampazham and this can be had by mixing jaggery to it. This fruit becomes the important preparation during the yearly death ceremony offerings. This fruit is got through the Vilva tree , the leaves are very much sacred to the Lord Shiva and during Sivarathri people exchange pleasantries with this leaves. The Vilampazham fruits are verty tasty and the shell need to be removed. In the market it is available at 100 for four and it is sold duiring this season only. But in which state it is available more need to be know through the feedback of members to this post.
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    Wood apple or elephant apple is very famous in both the Telugu States. This is used for worshipping Lord Ganesha at the Vinayaka Chavithi festival. We will have a wooden frame called Palavelli in Telugu. Many types of fruits are tied to this frame and keep above the Ganesha Idle. This fruit will also be tied to that frame.
    After the celebrations are over, we will take back those items and use them. This fruit is used to make special chuttenys. They make a chutney by mixing this fruit with curd and the other type is without curd. The taste will be good and I enjoy those chuttenys.

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    I have never heard about such fruit. I shall try to have it from Delhi .
    Thanks for this informative thread.

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    Yes I am also familiar with it. In fact I use it every summer. Currently, it is also available in my home. It is known as Bael fruit also. I prepare juice from it which is very good in taste. It has also several medicinal properties. It is used as laxative and good for digestion. I live in Gurgaon and here it is available in most of the shopping malls. But I usually shop online and bought from big bazaar and bbdaily.

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    Yes, I too familiar with this fruit, in the usual term we call it, Bell. I have been eating it since my childhood and my hand mother bought it from the village. She always told us about many medicinal benefits of it, one most common is to use it as a medicine in dehydration. These days due to rain or other changes in weather we may suffer dehydration and for this BEll is very useful. My mother also made Bell Jam that we preserve the whole year and use accordingly when needed. I don't like its taste in its original form but I have it in the jelly form when my mother mixed its inner part with honey.

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