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    Can we live the life without love and affection ?

    Love and affection plays important role in everyones life and in fact this world is living on the principle of love and equated affection. It can be on the human being, on the products and on the animals also. Love is the language of expressing our desire to get close with those persons and things which we like the most and the affection is the way of expressing our gratitude on a person or thing which have loved to possess it. Even in animals they feel the difference of loving and showing affection to them. What is your take on this subject and respond.
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    Love and affection, I think, is an inborn component in, at least, major living species. The manifestation and exhibition of the same may be different. We humans may not understand how it is manifested in other creatures. But with the pet animals we know that they understand and even respond the sentiments of love and affection.

    It is with humans that the finer sentiments of love and affection gets replaced by anger, revenge and greed leading to destruction of others and even self.

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    Yes, Sure! Many of us thinking like this way only. But they do fail to understand that such life is very short only. Love with love and affection only leads one to long live and such love and affection makes many people around us. Money minded persons only neglect love and affection and thereby they loose persons and after a certain stage their loneliness makes them to understand their mistake but that time no person will come for rescue.

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    Money minded persons may neglect love and affection but it stays.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I have witnessed love and affection of my relatives during my childhood days and such a gesture is lost once the days progressed. Such people are no more and at present such gesture of love and affection is really hard to get the same even though I have several contacts. It means that people have been professional in dealings. However, the present trend can make anyone gloomy and lonely even though I have several contacts with the people. The striking difference between a man and animal is the the former never forgets the love shown by his master. They even sacrifice their lives in the absence of their masters.

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    Animals exhibit love and affection very sincerely to their bosses. My sister was having a pet dog. That dog used to start shouting at my sister if she tries to play with any other child. The moment she sits that dog used to come and sit on her lap.
    Love and affection are the two important traits one should have. We should learn to love our fellow human beings and we should be affectionate with our elders. But these days in this materialistic world people are forgetting these two qualities and always struggling for worldly comforts more.

    always confident

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    We cannot live without love and affection but somehow I think people started an experiment to live a life without love and affection. That is the reason why there is so much hatred everywhere. Love and affection have become person-specific and we love only a couple of people rather than spreading it outwards. Our behaviour and our actions can also be affectionate but many of us behave properly only with those whom we like and for the rest, we do not care. I think in this way we are not living a pleasant life.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Love and affection are integral parts of our lives. We can't live without love and affection. We love others and want to be loved by others as well. We need love and affection in all conditions, especially, when we happen to face any problem or undergo any bad patch. However, level, magnitude, expectations, outcome, repercussions may vary from person to person.
    Every organism understands the silent language of love and affection, even trees know how you treat them. J.C.Bose proved it in the world scientists conference with his unique invention i.e.crescograph. How animals recognise and feel the intention of a person when he approaches them, but hatred, animosity, grudge and ill feelings are perpetrated by us, the Human beings. !

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    As a human being, we have a life and this life exists because of this planet's atmosphere that provides us oxygen to breathe and energy to live, so we can not say that we need love or affection to live a life, but on the other hand as a human being, we have an important element that is emotions and to satisfy those emotions we need love. In this process, we feel to be loved by someone and at the same time, we want to love our loved ones. Emotions are helpful to make a bond between different humans and bind them so obviously, this bond keeps us connected with each other.

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